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Application Process

Faculty Positions:  

Our teachers are key to everything we do! A faculty applicant must hold a completed bachelor's degree.  Upper School faculty must hold a minimum of bachelor's degree, preferably specific to the field they desire to teach. The Academy, with three campus locations, offers full-time and part-time positions for various levels and models of classical education:

Education Levels:

  • Grammar / PK3-5th
  • Dialectic / 6th - 8th
  • Rhetoric / 9th-12th

Classroom Models:

  • Traditional Model (Full-time; Available in all educational levels except PK3)
  • Blended Model (2 days per week - M/W or T/TH; Available in Grammar)
  • Other Part-Time Faculty Positions (Available in Dialectic and Rhetoric)

Campus Locations:

  • North Campus (Grammar and Dialectic) 1120 E. Hefner Rd. - OKC
  • South Campus (Grammar and Dialectic) 12500 S. Pennsylvania - OKC
  • Midtown Campus (Rhetoric) 1201 North Robinson Ave, - OKC

Other Staff Positions:

Administrative, athletics, teacher's aide, substitute and all other positions are listed in this category.  If special training or education is required for a particular position, it will be listed on the job description. Applicants are encouraged to list all applicable expertise and experience as well as anything that will help us learn about your Christian faith and background.

All candidates for employment at The Academy must be professing Christians in agreement with the school's mission and vision.


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(Note: Some part-time positions have the option of being combined into full-time positions)

  • Various Full-time and Part-time Teaching Positions/Grammar
  • General Science / Multi-Campus/ Dialectic & Rhetoric
  • Earth Science & Chemistry/Rhetoric
  • Humanities/North Campus/Dialectic
  • Math/North Campus/ Part-Time/ Dialectic
  • Math/South Campus/ Part-Time/ Dialectic
  • Humanities/South Campus/ Part-Time/ Dialectic
  • Old Testament/South Campus/ Part-Time/ Dialectic
  • Pre-K / North Campus/ Part-Time/ Tues. & Thur.
  • First Grade / North Campus / Full-Time M-F


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