The Headmaster leads The Academy by casting and safeguarding its vision and overseeing its overall operations, as well as shaping and developing The Academy's culture, staff, and curricular offerings.

Nathan Carr’s introduction to and subsequent love of great books occurred in the Western Civ classroom at Oklahoma Baptist University. After graduation from the University of Central Oklahoma, Nathan enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary and earned a Masters of Arts in Religion. He has also completed post-graduate work at the University of Toronto's Wycliffe College, is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, and is Vicar of St. James Episcopal Church of Oklahoma City.

Mr. Carr began serving at Providence Hall in 2006, teaching secondary school math and science, functioning as Upper School Development Director and then Provost before becoming Headmaster for The Academy. He is married to Sarah, and they have six children .

Academic excellence


For those of us concerned with loving the Lord "with all our mind," academic excellence is crucial. But, in a world driven almost exclusively by achievement tests, we at The Academy of Classical Christian Studies define academic excellence much differently. For us it includes:

  1. the ability to think the highest possible thoughts about God and His creation:
  2. an ability to do careful work with the most precious of human artifacts - books:
  3. preparation to not only engage in any discussion or argument, but to cultivate a love for the very one with whom they argue/engage:
  4. great facility in the language arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric - cultivated students whose grace with the pen is matched by their virtuous motives;  and
  5. habituation to the thoughts, words, scientific discoveries, prayers, psalms, equations, and masterpieces of art and music of both the wise and great people of our past.

Here at The Academy, we desire to correct not only the means by which children are educated, but the end for which they are educated. We seek to fill our students' lives with singing and music, exposure to the visual arts, regular direct encounters with the natural world and its corresponding sciences, affirmation of a wide range of calling, the reading of imaginative literature and history, and flourishing homes with lively dinner table discussions - all of it in the service of Christ and His holy Church.

The bar for academic excellence has been set too low because it's been based on information transfer alone. At The Academy of Classical Christian Studies, we seek to inform not only what students know, but what they love as well - the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.

Fr. Nathan Carr, Headmaster