There are many Christian schools around to choose from, but The Academy has an organic passion for Christ. It has been an extension of what we teach in our home and at church. Jeff and Lauren Mains, parents

Andrew Kern remarks that any curriculum is a model of reality.  That which we hold out to students as the course to be run (the curriculum) models to them the reality we envision.  Our curriculum, from book lists to resources to science kits to experiments to recitations to song, models a reality that is wildly wondrous.  Students encounter language powerful to fill the imagination with tales of virtue and heroism, to be moved with grammatical precision and poetic beauty.  Students encounter a story of God's work in the world and His church and their place in that tale.  Students encounter a physical world of intricate complexity and cosmic grandeur to be explored and lovingly stewarded.  Students encounter their own bodies to train and discipline for activity and expression.  Our curriculum invites them into the great conversation with those who have gone before, seeks to shape their affections for the True, Good, and Beautiful offered to them, aids them in envisioning the world now not just as it is, but as it might rightly be.


Some of the core curriculum used throughout the Grammar grades include Singapore Math, Spell to Write and Read, and Shurley English

In the first grade students begin studying the Old Testament and Ancient Egypt, and read books like Bears on Hemlock Mountain and The Courage of Sarah Noble.

Second graders study Judges to Kings in Bible and ancient civilizations in History, and some of their reading consists of Charlotte's Web, Aesop's Fables, and Little House in the Big Woods to name a few.

The third grade picks up with Chronicles and studies through to Malachi and reads adventures like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and The Adventures of Robin Hood, which corresponds to their study of Medieval History.

Our fourth graders begin studying the Gospels and read classics like Old Yeller, The Secret Garden, and Treasure IslandTheir history begins with the age of exploration and spans through the Revolutionary War.

The fifth grade completes the Bible with Acts through Revelation, and continues with classics like Where the Red Fern Grows, The Hobbit, The Hiding Place, and Anne of Green Gables.  Fifth graders study modern history with an emphasis on United States history.

Some of the Dialectic books include:

6th Grade:                                                  7th Grade:                                               8th Grade:

Julius Caesar                                                    Macbeth                                                  Twelfth Night

The Odyssey, Homer                                       Beowulf, Bilingual Edition                        To Kill a Mockingbird

The Aeneid, Virgil                                            The Canterbury Tales                               Pride and Prejudice

A sample of our Rhetoric books are:

9th Grade:                                10th Grade:                              11th Grade:                                12th Grade:

The Iliad                                      Paradise Lost                             A Tale of Two Cities                      Merchant of Venice

Anthony and Cleopatra             Hamlet                                      Othello                                          The Scarlet Letter

Til We Have Faces                     The City of God                        Sense and Sensibility                     Age of Innocence