Oklahoma Christian University (OC) partners with The Academy to offer concurrent enrollment classes to juniors and seniors at The Academy. This partnership exists because OC recognizes the level of instruction and quality of work evidenced by our staff and students as commensurate education with its own courses. More importantly, our partnership with OC is one of shared commitment to education as moral formation of the whole person for the benefit of man and the glory of Jesus Christ.



Unlike other concurrent enrollment programs, which may require students to travel to the university or professors totravel to the local school, OC's partnership with The Academy allows our students to remain in our classrooms with our instructors. 

In addition to courses remaining "in-house," concurrent enrollment classes offered to The Academy through OC are offered at a lowered cost. This helps families daunted by the costs of college by allowing students to earn college credit while in high school. The following represent the same subject areas available through the Advanced Placement program, and carry the same amount of college credit hours.

Currently available courses include:

   Fine Arts: 10th grade - Aesthetics

   English:    11th grade - Freshman Composition I

   English:    12th grade - Composition II/Senior Capstone

   Math:       12th grade - Pre-Calculus


Additional Courses Under Development with OC Include:


   Calculus I

   Oklahoma History

   History of the Bible

Please contact the Academy’s Rhetoric School principal, Mrs. Rhonda Jones at rjones@theacademyok.org or by calling 405-478-2077 x 302.