Is it possible to re-imagine education as a process of moral imagination, wisdom, and transformation? Might Oklahoma City become the place for telling a better story in education? If there is anything sacred to our vocation; if there is anything sacred about a child; if there is anything sacred to the parlors in which we teach; if there is anything sacred about the art of mentoring—it is time for a banding together of the leaders in education in Oklahoma City in order to ask different questions of schooling than those being presently asked.

That was the opening paragraph of a letter drafted by Headmaster Carr and three other area educators (Scott Martin, Chris Brewster, and Scott Beck), and then mailed to most of the public school superintendents, private school headmasters, homeschool reps, and College of Education Deans in the metro area.  It was a call to suspend the old party lines of suspicion, and to join us for a lunch at VAST restaurant.  We call ourselves the Poiesis Forum, and we filled six tables with the thought leaders of education in Oklahoma City for a discussion about the nature of the human soul, education, and virtue.  We then invited them to join us in bringing the leaders in their schools—teachers, administrators, or otherwise—to a summer conference at Roman Nose State Park.

Like the Church itself, my prayer is that The Academy is immovable in its first principles while being neither insular, escapist, or suspicious in its dealings with others.  It’s a joy to be at the forefront of new discussions about poiesis--which is the art of teaching humans to flourish AS humans--through the cultivation of wisdom and virtue in the children of this state.  Our contribution can be a clear vision of all that is True, Good, and Beautiful.