financial aid

The following parameters have been set forth by our Board of Governors to guide the awarding of financial aid.  

• Financial aid is available to all income qualified Academy families.

• Special consideration will be given to those in vocational Christian work, especially pastors, missionaries, and Academy staff who are required to go through the application process.

• Scholarship awards will not exceed the amount of tuition. Families awarded scholarships will likely be required to contribute to their children’s education. The family’s ability to pay and available funds determine the amount of awards.

• If a family changes models during the academic year, scholarship assistance will be reviewed. The scholarship amount awarded may be reduced or increased depending on the particular circumstances of each student and family.

• Income verification is required for the application to be complete.  This typically will include the completed the past two years of either tax return documents or W-2 statements. For example, for 2018-19 applications, 2016 1040 Form and 2017 W-2's will be requested. 

Before starting the application, the following financial information should be gathered in order to make the application process go more smoothly: tax returns, rent or mortgage amount and house value, car payment and car insurance amount, savings and retirement amounts, student loan, credit card and other debt amounts. FACTS requires this information to calculate as accurate a recommendation as possible. 

The 2018-19 Scholarship Application will be active through the link below starting Jan. 24, 2018.

To start the application, click HERE. Please direct any specific questions you have regarding this process to Rebecca Wedel, Admissions Director, at or (405)850-0633.  

Questions on Admissions? Email or call our Admissions line: 405-850-0633.