We have been nothing but impressed with the staff at The Academy. I am often brought to tears when my children get in the car and start rattling off Scripture they just learned that day.  Jarrod and Rebecca Souza, parents

Families interested in enrollment for 2017-18 may contact Admissions for current tuition and fee rates.

2017-18 Tuition (includes most fees- see below)

Blended Grammar

PK3- $4100  ($341.67/month)

PK thru 5- $4350 ($362.50/month)

Traditional Grammar

PK (1/2 day)- $5500 ($458.33/month)

PK thru 5- $8700 ($725.00/month)

Upper School

6 thru 8 (3-day)- $6950  ($579.17/month)

6 thru 8 (5-day)- $8700  ($725.00/month)

9 thru 12 (5-day)- $8250 ($687.50/month)


Payment options & fees

Re-enrollment Fee: $150 per student thru Feb 10.  $300 after Feb 10.

New Student Application Fee: $150 for PK3; $300 for PK-12 thru June 15.  $250 for PK3; $400  for PK-12 after June 15.

Tuition includes the following fees:

Porch supplies, curriculum packets, consumable curriculum, elective fees, science fees, FACTS payment plan fees, scholarship application fees, Parent Conference fees for all grades and models, and non-consumable curriculum for traditional grammar, dialectic and rhetoric students. Blended grammar families will continue to be responsible for purchasing non-consumable curriculum per the published 2017-18 Book List.

Tuition rates do not include: Re-enrollment and new student application fees, uniforms, field trips, lunches, athletic fees, spirit wear, graduation materials and other voluntary costs.

Payment Plans:

Families may choose between a pay in full option set at the time of enrollment or a 12 month payment plan from June-May.

To download and print this tuition & fee information, click here.