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Ancient Greek education ended in the gymnasium, a place where the physical body was honed and trained. Education was not simply a matter of filling minds with information, it included the body as well as the mind. Transforming bodies was the key to transforming minds.  Physical activities were key to education (as anyone with a grammar school boy can attest!). For the ancients, there was no sharp distinction to be made between the two.

The athletic department at The Academy stands squarely within these classical and Christian traditions.  We wish to promote an education of bodies, not merely of minds. While we don't end in a literal gymnasium (yet!), we seek to complete our education in our bodies. We want, however, to do so in a way that glorifies Christ (who, by the way, became a physical human and arose physically from the dead) and seeks to redeem a sports obsessed culture.

The athletic department exists to enhance the mission of The Academy by providing students the opportunity to participate in and to love the true, the good and the beautiful through embodying virtue in athletic competition. This will be accomplished through excellence in our administration, coaching and athletes at the grammar and dialectic/rhetoric levels.

Core: The Academy seeks to expand our athletic offerings and as we do, we've focused on excellence in several sports, namely, cross country, track, volleyball and basketball.  

Community: Academy families play a variety of sports outside of what is offered through the school.  The athletics department wishes to facilitate our communities ability to play sports together.  We want to connect families in order that they may play together and grow together in their athletic endeavors. We have contacts around the city with athletic opportunities. The OKC Boathouse and Climb Up rock climbing all serve as partners to the athletic department to serve our athletes.  These opportunities afford students unique avenues of strengthening their bodies and minds through vigorous physical events.  We also host tennis and golf clinics in the fall and spring to further enhance students' capabilities in these sports.


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