CORE Athletics

Grammar:Cross Country, Basketball, Track

Dialectic Girls: Cross Country, Volleyball, Track

Dialectic Boys: Cross Country, Basketball, Track
Rhetoric: Cross Country, Track

athlete's pledge

Individual and team success in sports results from commitment. The extent to which young athletes are able to make such commitments reflects their maturity as well as their dedication. For these reasons, we ask all Academy athletes to read and agree to the following pledge:

As an athlete at The Academy, I promise:

1. To remember that all athletics is performed “in the Presence of God” and therefore requires me to live by a high standard.

2. To be a worthy representative of my school and my coaches, abiding by their expectations and reflecting their values.

3. To reflect that commitment to winning is important, but only through hard work and perseverance can it be achieved.

4. To attend every practice unless excused by the coach.

5. To understand that my future as a responsible adult probably relates more to my academic than my athletic activities.

6. To maintain a 70 percent average in each of my academic courses.

7. To show respect to my coaches, teammates, and referees at all times.

8. To understand that playing sports at The Academy is a privilege and I am blessed to have the opportunity to participate.

9. To accept the responsibility of team membership, of supporting my teammates, a positive interaction and mutual respect toward them, regardless of playing time or positions in the lineup.

parent's pledge

As a parent of an athlete at The Academy, I promise:

1. I will support The Academy athletics through prayer and my presence at The Academy events.

2 .I will encourage my son/daughter to uphold the ideals stated in The Academy mission statement as well as the Athletic Code of Conduct.

3. I will encourage my son/daughter to submit to authority and resolve conflicts if necessary.

4. I will conduct myself at all sporting events I attend in a manner that honors God. I understand that failure to act in said manner may result in expulsion from event by school administrator/representative, and possibly, future events.

5. I will not publicly disparage the coach at sporting events, nor will I disparage him/her in my home. I will abide by the relational covenant and approach coaches directly to discuss any issues I may have.

6. I will be realistic about my student-athlete’s capabilities and emphasize improvement and commitment.

7. I will be a role model for my student-athlete.

8. I will refrain from discussing the playing time of my child. Playing time is the sole discretion of the coach unless mandated by the league.

9. I understand the purpose of the Parent Code of Conduct. I agree with the principles set forth and I am committed to the growth of my son/daughter while at The Academy.