What will my week look like?

  • Each weekday morning at 9:00am, The Academy will Livestream Matins, district-wide.
  • After Matins, students will begin working on their own home learning.  Home learning will include a variety of instructional sessions and activities, including live (synchronous) and on-your-own (asynchronous) work. 
    • Synchronous instruction includes class interactions happening in real time, at the same time, where students work on and complete activities together with the teacher. Students and teachers may engage in learning together via chat, livestream, or video conference. Most synchronous learning for The Academy will take place via Zoom.
    • Asynchronous instruction happens "on-your-own" via lesson plans posted in FACTS and/or the Learning Management System (LMS) without real-time interaction. Students engage in class materials and complete work at their own pace, typically within a given timeframe, Students in the upper grades will often use discussion boards to drive peer-to-peer engagement in their learning.
  • All live sessions are on a specific schedule designed to help students share devices within a family. Teachers will post links for each live session in the LMS or in their lesson plans. (If your child already has an account for FACTS, they can use that account to access LMS. If not, see here for detailed instructions on adding a student account).
    • Lower Grammar (PK-2) will have one live session per regular school day at 9:15am.
    • Upper Grammar (3-5) will have one live session per regular school day at 10:30am.
    • D&R students will have up to three live sessions between 12:30pm-3:30pm.
    • If your student cannot make it to a live session, they will be recorded and available later in the day.
    • If you have more than one student who needs to attend a live session at the same time, here are a few options for how to proceed:
      • Have your students take turns participating in the live session/watching the recording.
      • Allow one student to participate on your home computer and the other to participate via the Zoom app on your phone.
      • Contact your principal to discuss receiving a loaner laptop from the school.

Synchronous Instruction Schedule

Asynchronous Instruction
  • Outside of live sessions, all work may be completed at the student's own pace.
  • As much as possible, we’ve asked teachers to maintain their normal schedule.  This means your student likely won’t have an assignment for every subject every day.
  • To help plan your day, here’s about how much time we expect each grade level to spend on home day instruction.  If you find your assignments taking significantly longer than the expected time, please reach out to your teacher and/or campus principal.
    • Lower Grammar (PK-2):  No more than three hours per day.
    • Upper Grammar (3-5):  No more than five hours per day.
    • D&R: No more than seven hours per day, including videos and homework.