Frequently Asked Questions

Technology & Related Questions


What sort of computer hardware will I need for GriffinsLive!?

All students will need access to either a computer, phone, or tablet with a camera and microphone for live video access. Note: We have arranged the schedule in blocks that facilitate older and younger students sharing the same device.


Will the school provide my child a computer?

If your child will not have access to a computer, tablet, or phone, please let your child’s principal know. We have a limited number of laptops we can loan to families, and we are also ready to facilitate families sharing computers with each other.


Will my child need access to the internet?

Yes, your child will need internet access in order to access LMS and Zoom. If your home does not have internet access equipped for streaming capabilities due to financial hardship, please contact Stephen Taylor ( We are 100% committed to ensuring all families will have access to GriffinsLive!.


Will I need to buy any software?

No. All needed software is provided by The Academy.


Will the school provide tech support for my child’s home learning?

Yes! If you need tech support, please email our Tech Lead, Eric, at


Do I need a filter for my childs access to the internet?

We encourage all families to ensure they have a filter that is set to an appropriately for their child.


Home Learning Questions


What is LMS and how do I access it?

LMS is a sort of digital classroom for teachers to use in providing instruction, giving assignments, collecting homework, providing resources, and more. It is part of the FACTS system and stands for Learning Management System. The website is


How can my student get their own login for LMS?

If you child does not already have an account for FACTS, parents are able to set up accounts directly for their students. The instructions are here.


What is Zoom? Do I need an account?

Zoom is the leading provider of video conferencing and the software we are using to facilitate face to face instruction. Zoom also allows all videos to be recorded, so teachers will be posting the recordings for any students who missed the live session. Classes that occur through Zoom will require an internet connection that supports streaming. Accessing Zoom is free, and it takes just a few moments to set up the first time you use it. Watch a short video here on how to get started:


What is Think Central? Do I need an account?

Think Central provides additional resources for learning math at home. Your child’s teacher will confirm whether or not you need to access Think Central. If directed to do so, instructions for accessing it are found here:


Will teachers still post lesson plans on FACTS?

Yes! Teachers will be posting lesson plans on FACTS so that you can both monitor your child’s schooling and (at times) facilitate the instruction for your child. Instructions for checking lesson plans are here:


What school supplies should I have at home?

Your child will need schoolbooks, correlating school binders, and regular school supplies. If you left something on-campus, please contact your principal to discuss picking up any belongings.


How should families with two working parents manage home learning?

We recognize families may have two working parents, and we understand that each family's situation is unique and that your ability to work with your child may not coincide with traditional school hours. If your schedule causes conflict, we are happy to assist you and help develop a plan for your students.  Please reach out to your principal for assistance.


Illness Questions


What do I do if I or my child becomes ill?

If you or your child becomes ill, notify your teacher(s). We will provide extreme grace in these situations regarding make up work. Teachers will provide individual instructions on how to modify class lesson plans for your ill student.  If you are ill, encourage your children to manage as much as they can without direct oversight.


What will happen if my teacher becomes ill?

If your teacher becomes ill, he or she will notify you via email and inform you of the management plan going forward. As a general rule, teachers will implement the following procedures:

  • Teachers will provide parents with sub plans in whatever capacity possible in order to structure the home learning plan for students. 
  • Teachers will forego managing phone calls and office hours until they are well enough to work.  Students & parents can contact principals or other designated teachers for with questions and assistance needs.  
  • Teachers will suspend weekly video sessions for lesson instruction. Parents & students will receive invitations to join video lessons from other teachers in the same grade level cohort if class content aligns. 

  • Your teacher will contact you when he/she is well and able to resume full management oversight outlined in our GriffinsLive! operating procedures.