Grammar Students

Parent Expectations

  • Identify a space in your home where your child can participate in remote classroom activities and complete schoolwork.
  • Set up a student login (for each student) to FACTS LMS (FACTS Learning Management System) and ensure your student(s) can login.  You can find instructions on how to set up a student login here.  If you have any trouble, contact our Tech Lead, Eric Williams, at
  • Check FACTS lesson plans and email every morning and organize your home day accordingly.  Lesson plans will be updated by 5am.   If you have questions about how to access lesson plans with your student, please watch this short video Parents should review daily lesson plans to ensure students stay on schedule and are prepared ahead of time for any live classes, assisting students by reviewing homework and written assignments, and helping students stay organized, on task, and on pace.
  • Facilitate student participation in the video sessions.  Video sessions will provide specific, teacher-led instruction.  Sessions may be live (synchronous) or recorded (asynchronous).  All live sessions will be recorded.  Teachers will provide you with online links and instructions on how to access video lessons.  
    • Parents will ask students to dress appropriately for live videos, avoiding a sloppy appearance.  To that end, while students are not required to wear their uniform, they should be wearing clothing and not pajamas.
    • If participating in live sessions, parents will ensure your student comes to class on time.  If unable to participate in live sessions, please ensure your student watches the recorded session in a timely manner.
    • Parents will encourage students to actively participate in class discussions  with their videos turned on, maintaining respectful behavior of the teacher and other students.
  • If requested by your teacher, grade completed work and submit grades weekly via email.  
  • If you or your child becomes ill, notify your teacher(s).  We will provide extreme grace in these situations regarding make up work.   Teachers will provide individual instructions on how to modify class lesson plans for your ill student.  If you are ill, encourage your children to manage as much as they can without direct oversight.

Live Video Session Expectations

  • At 9:00am, The Academy will live stream Matins district-wide.
  • Grammar students will have one live class session on the days they normally have class. For Bach, this is Monday and Wednesday.  For Mozart, this is Tuesday and Thursday.  For traditional students, this is Monday through Friday.  During the first week, regardless of cohort, plan to go live on Wednesday as a test.  Then Mozart can hold synchronous time on Thursday and, during the first week only, Bach can hold synchronous time on Friday.  If you have any questions about this, contact your principal.
  • Live class sessions will be at the same time every day for grammar students.
    • Lower Grammar (PK-2):  One live session per regular school day at 9:15am.
    • Upper Grammar (3-5): One live session per regular school day at 10:30am.
  • If your student cannot make it to a live session, they will be recorded and available to you later in the day. 
  • If you have more than one student who needs to attend a live session at the same time, here are a couple of options for how proceed:
    • Have your students take turns participating in the live session/watching the recording.
    • Allow one student to participate on your home computer and the other to participate via the Zoom app on your phone.
    • Contact your principal to discuss receiving a loaner laptop from the school.

Homework Expectations
  • As much as possible, we’ve asked teachers to maintain their normal schedule.  This means your student likely won’t have an assignment for every subject every day.
  • To help you plan your day, here’s about how much time we expect each grade level to spend on home day instruction.  If you find your student's assignments taking significantly longer than the expected time, please reach out to your teacher and/or campus principal.
    • Lower Grammar (PK-2):  No more than three hours per day.
    • Upper Grammar (3-5):  No more than five hours per day.

Teacher Expectations

  • Classroom teachers will maintain close contact with families through scheduled calls each week. 
  • Teachers will provide office hours when they will be accessible for unscheduled phone calls related to questions about online portals/apps and lesson plan instructions.  
  • Teachers will post detailed and clearly structured daily lesson plans on FACTS.  
  • Teachers will provide recorded and/or live online video sessions for daily/weekly lesson instruction.  If you have technical concerns with your ability to access video lessons, contact your teacher for assistance.   
  • Teachers will modify assessment practices during The Academy Online program, and work carefully and creatively to create assessments that set students up for success. Teachers will communicate proactively to students what is expected for each assessment, how students will be assessed, and where students are to submit their work.
  • Grammar teachers will instruct parents on how to administer any assigned tests. 
  • Grammar teachers will instruct parents on what assignments need to be graded and how to manage grading for specific assignments.   Teachers will continue to record all grades in FACTS weekly.