Midtown News – 8.21.20

From your Midtown Principal, Rhonda Jones

Greetings! I have always found solace in these words penned by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen”. During this season at The Academy, I have seen beautiful things. I have seen a Rhetoric staff team come together consistently with positive and flexible hearts to pivot on a moment’s notice to make real-time decisions that depict loving and supportive choices for your children. I have seen students in all four grades learn new rhythms as they transition to classes throughout their school day in an environment that is new to all. They have done this with patience and flexible hearts. I have sat in the courtyard at lunch, enjoyed a cool breeze, and watched our students enjoy the opportunity to remove masks and see smiles. I have seen amazing teachers share their craft with beauty and grace. All of which has made me hope for things yet to see; students who will continue to grow together in Christian community with their peers and teachers as they walk alongside one another this year. While this path may have unexpected turns, I look forward to the Journey ahead during this 2020 school year!

A Few Midtown Logistics

1. D&R Community Night – More details will be sent your way by our amazing C&E staff. For 2020 this event will replace our traditional Night & Day Retreat. This event will include Dialectic & Rhetoric students for all 3 campuses.

2. Athletic Game Days – If your student plays a sport and they may wear their team jersey or shirt with joggers (no shorts) or school uniform bottoms on game days. If the game jersey is a tank top, students must wear a t-shirt underneath. Coach Mac may inform specific dress guidelines for Academy teams as well.

3. Dress Code Guidelines for Non-Uniform/Special Dress Days – We like to have fun at Midtown! There will be several times when students may wear non-uniform clothes or costumes. On these days the following guidelines apply: Tops must have sleeves (no tank tops of any kind), no leggings, jeans without rips or tears, skirt/dress lengths are the same for uniform norms, shorts are mid-thigh or longer. All messaging on apparel must align with Academy cultural standards outlined in the handbook which includes no profane written or visual messaging.

4. Substitute Opportunities – We are developing a substitute list. We will gladly welcome parents into our classrooms if you would like to serve our school community in this manner. Please contact Mrs. Jones.

5. Off Campus Lunch – The first one occurs on Tuesday 8/25 and every Tuesday thereafter. Please note that we need your off-campus lunch permission form (sent to you via email on 8/14) before your student can leave campus for lunch. Please consider Midtown area lunch venues when helping your student decide how much money to bring with him/her.

6. DocuSign Back to School Forms – Please, please submit these forms as soon as you can. You initially received all back-to-school forms in an email sent on 8/14 by Mrs. Vishanoff.

7. Vienna – Do to the changes with our European travel plans we are re-opening the Vienna 2021 trip for all 10th-12th graders. If you would like to join us, the trip cost is $3,500. Please confirm your desire to join the trip with Mrs. Jones via email by September 15th. Freshman are not included in this trip because our Spring Italy 2021 trip is their European travel opportunity this year.

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Mondays: Chapel, formal uniform
  • Tuesdays: Off Campus Lunch Day, Hildegard may wear jeans & spirit wear tops all year
  • Thursdays: Lyceum days or Spirit days, monthly


  • Monday 8/31: Individual PICTURE DAY (re-takes & class photos will be on Feb. 1st)
  • Thursday 9/10: Spirit Day; students wear jeans & Academy spirit/swag as tops
  • Friday 9/11: D&R Community Night, Scissor Tail Park
  • Thursday 9/24: Midtown Kickball Tournament begins! Two consecutive dates: 10/1 & 10/8
  • Thursday 10/8: Spirit Day; students wear jeans & Academy spirit/swag as tops
  • Thursday 10/22: Midtown Halloween Event; students dress in a costume (dress code guidelines apply)

*Note: These calendar dates will not typically include Athletic events as those are on the school calendar & in TeamApp. This list is predominantly for high school events or other district wide events.