From your Midtown Campus Principal, Rhonda Jones

Greetings Parents! We have completed week 2 successfully.  Schedules are learned, rhythms are forming, and your students are enjoying community in the midst of many variations with daily liturgies.  I want to express how proud I am of our student body.  They are exemplifying grace and peace as they navigate our new norms.  It is my deep pleasure to partner with you as you raise your teen.  With the goal of partnership in mind I want to share that this summer our entire staff read the book The Teenage Brain, by Frances E. Jensen.  Reading this text as a team has offered our staff a unified lens which allows us to relate to students with informed wisdom and compassionate hearts, as we consider their needs and where they are developmentally.  We will discuss this text throughout the year at our monthly staff meetings.  I wholeheartedly believe that the teenage years are a period when it is crucial for parents and adults to lean in!  Lean in with purposeful conversations, quality time, and supportive structure as teens learn to manage larger responsibilities and make crucial life decisions.  I invite you all to read this book as well.  Our Midtown staff is made up of a group of people who truly care about your students and we desire to mentor them well.  This begins with partnering well with you!   

A Few Midtown Logistics

1.  D&R Night to Unite – More details will be sent your way by our amazing C&E staff.  For 2020 this event will replace our traditional Night & Day Retreat.  This event will include Dialectic & Rhetoric students for all 3 campuses.  

2.  Update on Athlete Dress & Athletic Game Days – If your student plays a sport, they may wear their team jersey or shirt with joggers (no shorts or leggings) or school uniform bottoms on game days.  If there are multiple games in a week, we will only have them wear team gear for the away games, or 1 game in a week.  If the game jersey is a tank top, students must wear a t-shirt underneath.  Coach Mac may inform specific dress guidelines for Academy teams as well.   

3.  Substitute Opportunities – We are developing a substitute list.  We will gladly welcome parents into our classrooms if you would like to serve our school community in this manner.  Please contact Mrs. Jones.

4.  Procedures on Signing Students Out – Due to our growing high school, if you need to sign a student out during the day, our preference is that you come to the school office and do this.  If you have younger children in your car, we can work with you!  Call the school office and let Mrs. Vishanoff know that you are waiting in your vehicle under the portico on the North side of the building.  We will then send your student down. 

5.  New Key Pad & Door Access – We now have a key pad on the far East door under the large portico (North side of the building).  Our current door codes work on this key pad. Please use this entrance when visiting the school.  If you require elevator access you may use the west door under the portico. 

Upcoming Calendar Events

Mondays Chapel, formal uniform)

Tuesdays Off Campus Lunch Day, Hildegard may wear jeans & spirit wear tops all year

Thursdays Lyceum days or Spirit days, monthly

  1. Monday 8/31 Individual PICTURE DAY (re-takes & class photos will be on Feb. 1st)
  2. Thursday 9/10 Spirit Day; students wear jeans & Academy spirit/swag as tops
  3. Friday 9/11 D&R Night to Unite (formerly the Night and Day Retreat), Scissor Tail Park
  4. Thursday 9/24 Midtown Kickball Tournament begins!  Two consecutive dates: 10/1 & 10/8
  5. Thursday 10/8 Spirit Day; students wear jeans & Academy spirit/swag as tops
  6. Thursday 10/22 Midtown Halloween Event; students dress in a costume (dress code guidelines apply)