Notes from the North Campus – 8.28.20

From your North Campus Principal, Ann Taylor

First full week of The Academy 2020-21 school year is in the history books!  A huge thanks to everyone and your assistance in helping us during the protocols of COVID for north campus.  Please continue to take your student(s) temperature each morning prior to coming to school and understanding our restrictions for entering the campus at this point in time.  We have had a good week academically as we get back into the routines of school.  Carline drop off and pick up got the glitches worked out from last week thanks to everyone’s help.


Last January our Dialectic JCL raised money at our annual Spaghetti dinner for 2 new water fountains. Because of the generosity of Mr. McDaniel donating his time for the installation, we were able to purchase 3 water fountains, two for Providence Hall and one for the gym.  Thank you, Mr. McDaniel for all the hours and money spent helping us have these 3 amazing water fountains!! Our whole school is so grateful!

Calendar Notes for this next week:

  • September 1 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • September 1 JCL Leaders’ meeting during lunch in dialectic hallway Junior Classical League – Dialectic students
  • September 4 Knitting & Crocheting Club first Friday (usually) of each month – Anne Bradford and usually another teacher meet with grammar and dialectic to learn and practice
  • Calendar Notes for September:
  • September 7 Labor Day NO SCHOOL
  • September 9 Spirit Day (Students in PK through 8th grade NORMALLY attend house meetings BUT NOT THIS MONTH we will see in October). Students may wear house or Academy shirts and are allowed to wear PE uniform or normal uniform bottoms and shoes. 
  • September 10 North View Event – People interested in The Academy come to the campus for a time of learning about our mission and vision, tour of the facilities, explanation of classical and Christian education.  The tour is more formal than at other times with a student, teacher stepping out of the classroom, and administrator speaking about
  • our district.  Teachers just keep teaching with expectations that a group may look into your classroom.
  • September 11 Dialectic/Rhetoric Night to Unite.  More information to come.
  • September 14-15 Bake Sale  See the email that was sent on changes being made for this special time due to COVID protocols
  • September 15 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • September 17         Spirit Day
  • September 18 Gregory Feast. Each house has one feast a year.   It is a good time of house fellowship with usually an activity, craft, bring things in for a service ministry – teachers for the house attend.
  • September 18 JCL Meeting Junior Classical League – Dialectic students participate in meetings.  They meet in the Dialectic Hallway 3:45-4:45 with Anne Bradford
  • September 21 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • September 21-22 Individual Student Pictures (formal uniform) Students wear formal uniform on the day of their pictures. Traditional grammar, Dialectic, and Bach on September 21 and Mozart cohort on September 22
  • September 22 Sixth grade Parent Check-in 8-9 This is a voluntary attendance for our new dialectic parents to touch base and see how all is going with the big change from grammar to dialectic.  Come to the chapel.
  • September 23 Bach Parent Check-in 8-9. This is a voluntary attendance for our new and returning Bach parents to touch base and see how all is going with home day for Bach and share experiences.  Come to the chapel.
  • September 24 Mozart Parent Check-in   8-9 This is a voluntary attendance for our new and returning Mozart parents to touch base and see how all is going with home day for Mozart and share experiences.  Come to the chapel.
  • September 25 Dialectic Spirit Day This is once a month on a Friday for 6-8 graders only.  We do a modified schedule for academics for dialectic only – have some kind of activity from team building, fairy tales acted out, 4-square tournaments, etc.  They may wear their spirit day attire.  Usually, there is a special lunch offered (they pay for the meal – not a gift – but no need to have to do it). The grammar does not participate in this at all.

May you walk in the joy of the Lord and delight in His sovereign plan for all of us at this time. 

Have a terrific weekend!