From your midtown campus principal, Rhonda Jones

September and Fall weather is upon us! We find ourselves entrenched in the school calendar and school culture.

In effort to invite you into our school culture I want to share our Lyceum Speaker Philosophy with you. Mr. Spears serves as our Lyceum Director and strives to invite speakers to share with students routinely throughout the year on Thursdays. As you can imagine, lining up speakers can be a fluid scheduling process. As speakers are scheduled, I will share those details with you in our weekly notes. Lyceum speakers allow students to step out of their daily curriculum routine and consider a topic that is worthy of consideration, but may not have been on their agenda otherwise. Our hope at The Academy is to offer students the opportunity to think well and to simply think about topics with the hope of discovering the true, the good, and the beautiful in the midst of developing a worldview clothed in Christ’s truth and full of virtue.

Lyceum at the Academy exists to serve the mission and vision of the school. Lyceum days allow students to embody the True, the Good and the Beautiful through prayer, practice and participation. We look upward, stopping throughout the day to ask the Spirit to work among us in our thoughts, words and deeds, thereby committing ourselves and our studies to the Triune God. We look inward through praxis, engaging the True, the Good and the Beautiful in literature, logic, history, music, science, mathematics and Scripture, slowing our hearts and minds in deep, meditative reading and thoughtful listening to the voices in these texts. We look outward, participating in conversations and cultural moments of the broader OKC community (and the United States and the World). Inviting a range of speakers, our hope is to introduce students to the best voices available on a variety of issues. One track of speakers may be described as Academic, the other track of speakers as Loving the Other. In the former, we introduce students to Academics of the highest caliber to engage our students with their work. In the latter, we introduce students to those taking part in the work of loving Others. In line with the vision of the Academy, we seek to shape students’ affections to love their neighbor, especially the most marginalized among their communities. In a culture of suspicion and mistrust, the students of the Academy are afforded the opportunity to offer charity in listening to and asking questions of perspectives with which they may disagree. We believe the best of our speakers, inviting all manner of speakers from all walks of life. There is no agenda, only the hope of Gospel conversations. No one speaker is intended to have delivered the final word to our students, rather, each speaker delivers a perspective worth hearing and carefully considering. Believing that the Word of Truth will always win out governs all our conversations; indeed, Christians needn’t fear nor fret over views other than their own. A true education will bring to the fore issues touching the lives of students and enable them to rightly discern what is truly True, Good and Beautiful. embody a cruciform vision of all of lif

A Few Logistics

You have received an email from Mrs. Vishanoff inquiring about your desire to schedule a parent/teacher conference. Please respond to her inquiry as soon as possible as the number of requests will determine our scheduling templates and the number of conference slots we provide. If your student is failing a class or is new to the high school (this includes all Freshmen) you will have parent teacher conferences. Upperclassmen parents may sign up for a conference in a specific class or all classes, however this is voluntary. Please note that any grade percentage below 70% is considered a failing grade.

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Mondays Chapel, formal uniform)
  • Tuesdays Off Campus Lunch Day, Hildegard may wear jeans & spirit wear tops all year
  • Thursdays Lyceum days or Spirit days, monthly


  • Thursday 9/10 Spirit Day; students wear jeans & Academy spirit/swag as tops
  • Friday 9/11 Night to Unite, Scissor Tail Park 6-8pm
  • Thursday 9/24 Midtown Kickball Tournament begins – this may be rescheduled for 10/1
  • *Two consecutive dates: 10/1 & 10/8
  • Thursday 9/24 Lyceum speaker Trent England, OCPA staff member speaking on campaign management
  • Thursday 10/8 Spirit Day; students wear jeans & Academy spirit/swag as tops
  • October 15 & 16 Fall Break
  • Thursday 10/22 Midtown Halloween Event; students dress in a costume (dress code guidelines apply)
  • October 29 & 30 Parent teacher conferences