Parenting is hard, y’all!

From south campus parent April Spencer

I occasionally get lured into a false sense of security about my parenting. I’ll have a moment of what basically amounts to narcissism with my husband. “Look at what we did! What lovely, kind, obedient, boys we’re raising!” Then, in God’s quick mercy (though it doesn’t feel very merciful), whiplash sets in and we’re working our way out of a situation that feels overwhelming and murky and, well, a bit hopeless. Tears are shed, forgiveness is asked for, and then we start the process over again. Parenting is hard, y’all! Someone should have warned me.

What hasn’t felt hard is our decision to send the boys to The Academy. Sure, there have been years that we’ve grappled with the choice, but each year we’re here, it gets easier and easier to say yes. I think it’s because what we’re saying yes to is a school and community who walk alongside us in our parenting. It eases that joyous burden of parenting to have a teacher who not only works to know your child’s heart, but help shape it. I wonder at the studies my boys are diving into with passion, studies that once felt inaccessible to me. It’s mind blowing to hear some of the difficult conversations that they are taking part in, with a winsome tone and an ear for truth. I’ve been thankful to not just be doing this with the school’s help, but with a community of parents whose friendship is life-giving to our family. 

It’s been especially encouraging to see that community and heart shaping continue without losing pace during the craziness of this year thanks to the continuous work of the administration and teachers. As difficult as it is to blindly feel my way through every parenting choice I make, I’m reminded that God is at work. He’s shaping hearts and making all things new, even my parenting.    

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