From your north campus principal, Ann Taylor

It has been a busy week at north campus with individual pictures, encouragement meetings for Bach, Mozart, and Sixth grade parents, and Dialectic Spirit Day. It was wonderful to have the time to sit and chat and share with each cohort of parents to share victories and concerns. It was wonderful to see the partnership between parents in supporting and providing great ideas to assist in smoothing out glitches in various areas as we have started school. Thank you all for your love and care of our students, families, and staff in the community of The Academy of Classical Christian Studies.

Calendar Notes:

  • September 29 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 2 Knitting & Crocheting Club 3:45-4:45
  • Calendar Notes for the rest of First Semester:
  • October 5 & 6 Bake Sale (Chrysostom House)
  • October 5 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 6 JCL Leaders meeting at lunch
  • October 5 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 6 JCL Leaders meeting at lunch
  • October 7 House Leaders Meeting at lunch
  • October 8 North View Event 9-10
  • October 9 Dialectic Spirit Day – 8th grade Egg Drop. Science project for dialectic 8th graders to determine how to keep the egg from breaking after being dropped from an 8 foot ladder – in the parking lot during Friday Forum (a weekly Friday event with special activities planned by Jake Schulte and dialectic team including sports, team building, skits, talent shows, and one Friday a month Dialectic Spirit Day with a special offering for lunch if students wish to purchase it)
  • October 9 Basil House Feast in the gym 12-1
  • October 9 JCL All District Certamen Tournament Midtown 4-6pm
  • October 12-13 Mornings with Mom Fellowship for moms and students. Moms come between 7-8:30 in the gym – it is a fun fellowship time
  • October 13 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 14 Spirit Day (Academy or House shirts with PE bottoms and shoes)
  • October 14 End of First Quarter.
  • October 15-16 Fall Break NO SCHOOL
  • October 19 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 19-21 TESTING WEEK We are using Stanford 10 National test.
  • October 22 TESTING for Mozart only
  • October 21 Kindergarten Mozart & K Trad cobbled Paddington Bear
  • October 22 Kindergarten Bach/Kind Trad Paddington Bear
  • October 23 Fall in-service @ North Campus – 1/2 day for Students NO LUNCH
  • Dismiss is at 11:35 for Traditional Grammar and Dialectic in normal locations.
  • October 26-27 Parent Teacher Conferences for Bach and Mozart (NO SCHOOL for Bach or Mozart students).
  • October 29-30 Parent Teacher Conferences for Traditional Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric (NO SCHOOL for Traditional grammar, Dialectic, Rhetoric) (Mozart WILL have classes on October 29.)


Appreciate all of you so much!!