The South Campus Serials – 9.25.20

“I don’t cook for guides. I cook for customers.” – Gordon Ramsay

What is the importance of knowing who you work for? Who do I work for? At the school’s Leadership Training on Wednesday we talked a lot about cooking and quite a bit about budgets. The question came up, ‘Who owns the school? Who do you work for?” It is an interesting question and I think I know the answer. We work for you. Well maybe it is better said that we work with you.

The latin phrase in loco parentis means in the place of the parents. Instead of you educating your children full time at home, you place your trust in the faculty of the school to stand in your place and educate your children, but it is more than that. It is a partnership. We assume that you, as parents, are putting in work at home. For some that may look like re-learning math for others learning Latin. There is a collaboration among school and home that builds this beautiful thing that is a well-educated child. One that can stand for what they believe in. That can articulate that thought precisely but not just precisely, winsomely.

Joyfully we recognize that we are not and never will take the responsibility from you to raise your children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. However, we are so thankful that you allow us to partner with you in this process. Many of us are parents ourselves and enjoy the same benefit of dropping our student off with another adult who loves them, cherishes them, and seeks to educate them for the Glory of God and for the good of others. Thanks for partnering with us.

Special Note: All dialectic families now have a Google classroom login. You need to go in and change your child’s password. Here is the info:

Username: firstname.lastname@theacademyok.org

*Note:  The first name and last name were pulled from Facts, so if you student goes by a nickname or middle name, it will be different.

Password: Academy007

Upcoming Events:

  • September 29 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • October 5 Staff Meeting after school.
  • October 7 Spirit Day. House Meetings.
  • October 9 JCL Cartaman. District-wide at Midtown. JCL is the Junior Classical League and is the Latin Club for our dialectic and rhetoric students. The club meets on a regular basis through the year and competes in a couple of tournaments. This is an “in-house” tournament for JCL members from within our school district.


Individual Pictures – Larch Family Portraits has asked that all picture orders be returned by September 24. All forms turned in after the 24 will be assessed a $10 fee.

House Verse – This month we are memorizing Galatians 5:22-23 as part of our yearly study on the Fruit of the Spirit. If they memorize it and recite it to Mr. Bickell, they will receive 5 House Points.