Notes from the North Campus – 10.2.20

From your north campus principal, Ann Taylor

I hope everyone has enjoyed the beautiful fall days our Lord has provided this week. As we continue into October remember mornings are chilly and due to the COVID regulations at north campus we have to have matins/chapels outside in the courtyard. This is a great way to begin our day, but it also requires that our students wear appropriate outer wear for the morning temperatures. Please provide your student(s) with a lightweight jacket that meets the needs of each day as the temperatures fluctuate and encourage them to remember to bring them home at the end of the day. It is a great time of year but we start the days with jackets and end them with short sleeve shirts.

October has two major events in our academic year: Stanford 10 Testing and Parent/Teacher conferences. Both are vital part of our partnership with The Academy and our families. This week I wanted to share a few thoughts on national testing.

In October, Academy scholars have the opportunity to help faculty and parents evaluate the effectiveness of the learning process that takes place every day in both school and home by taking the Stanford 10 tests in first through eighth grade. I am looking forward to this event with a sense of excitement, and in the next few paragraphs I will explain why.

During the week of October 19th, our students (Academy wide, first through eighth grade) will be taking the Stanford 10 test. The classical Christian curriculum that your scholars have been taught, perhaps struggled with some, and accomplished this year (and for several years) has prepared them well for this time of assessment.

Each learner is like a God-designed tapestry that He is continually weaving and perfecting through those He has assigned to assist your students in their educational growth (the partnership at The Academy of teachers and parents being one). Allowing for a time to do a yearly check on that “tapestry” provides both the school and parents an awareness of where there is need of reinforcement in specific areas of learning or even holes in the knowledge thought to have been acquired. More often, the test results confirm that our mission to give our Academy students an education that rises to meet a higher standard of academic success is being done. It is not a scary adventure, nor does it need to be a “hard” time for students, parents, or teachers.

Testing is simply that checkup for the brain not unlike yearly physicals for the body. Your children, I will repeat, are well prepared, but there are some things that can help prepare them for their days of testing. Studies have shown that the brain operates best when it is first and foremost well rested. Planning now to provide a regular bedtime the weekend before and the week of testing will allow for the optimal sleep your child needs to perform his/her best. This will be the greatest assistance you can provide your student. In addition, do not make a big deal out of the testing. Instead, help your learner to enter the process with a growth mindset, relaxed, and confident that he/she will be able to focus and perform so all of us can see how he/she is progressing. Remember, education (lifelong) is a process, not a product, and testing is one tool to measure progress as well as indicate any support that might be needed.

The classical education model of The Academy couched in a strong Christian faith provides the best environment for students to develop their unique, God-given abilities and talents. I hope you, along with your student(s), can delight in the privilege of walking through the preparations and participation in the annual assessment week to bring honor and glory to our Lord in all things.

Hope everyone has a delightful weekend – rest and relax – experience unhurried wonder.

Calendar Notes:

  • October 5 & 6 Bake Sale (Chrysostom House)
  • October 5 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 6 JCL Leaders meeting at lunch
  • October 5 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 6 JCL Leaders meeting at lunch
  • October 7 House Leaders Meeting at lunch
  • October 8 North View Event 9-10
  • October 9 Dialectic Spirit Day – 8th grade Egg Drop
  • October 9 Basil House Feast in the gym 12-1
  • October 9 JCL All District Certamen Tournament Midtown 4-6pm
  • October 12-13 Mornings with Mom
  • October 13 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 14 Spirit Day (Academy or House shirts with PE bottoms and shoes)
  • October 14 End of First Quarter.
  • October 15-16 Fall Break NO SCHOOL
  • October 19 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • October 19-21 TESTING WEEK
  • October 22 TESTING for Mozart only
  • October 21 Kindergarten Mozart & K Trad cobbled Paddington Bear
  • October 22 Kindergarten Bach/Kind Trad Paddington Bear
  • October 22 Spirit Day
  • October 23 Fall in-service NO SCHOOL (this is a change)
  • October 26-27 Parent Teacher Conferences for Bach and Mozart (NO SCHOOL for Bach or Mozart students).
  • October 29-30 Parent Teacher Conferences for Traditional Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric (NO SCHOOL for Traditional grammar, Dialectic, Rhetoric) (Mozart WILL have classes on October 29.)