On Site COVID Testing Available

Dear Academy families,

As Father Carr has shared, we thank the Lord for the safety of our community, with no known instances of COVID spreading on our campuses! At the same time, we are ever-diligent in our COVID-related precautions and preparations, and we have several updates to share.


After seeing firsthand how COVID quarantines are playing out, we have made several updates to our COVID FAQ, and we encourage everyone to review this document again.  You can find it here as well as on the COVID Response page on The Academy Website.

Onsite Rapid Response COVID Testing

One of the oft-recurring challenges we face is how to respond when a student has symptoms that could indicate COVID, and we are determining whether or not a quarantine is applicable, both for the child and the child’s classmates. Our school nurse now the ability to administer rapid response COVID tests onsite at The Academy. In the case of a symptomatic student already on campus, the parent will receive a call/text from our nurse to discuss options and next steps. If the parent desires for a COVID test to be administered, the nurse will first facilitate a “Telemedicine” video conference with a medical provider and the parent (if the parent is not already on-site). We will not administer a COVID test without parental permission. In addition, the school nurse can, at a medical provider’s request and the parent’s permission, administer tests for flu, RSV, and Strep.

Our school nurse, Katie Barrier (kbarrier@theacademyok.org) is stationed at North Campus, but she can make site visits to other campuses when needed. If a student who is NOT already on campus needs a COVID test (such as when symptoms develop at home), contact the school nurse to determine if drive-up testing at the school is an option.

Testing Cost

For Academy staff and students covered through one of the insurance groups listed below, there is no cost for testing. For Academy students covered through an alternate insurance option, the cost for a COVID test is $75, billable to FACTS. The cost for RSV/ Flu and Strep is $50 per test.

Insurance Accepted for No-Cost Testing

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Health Choice
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Tricare
  • Signa
  • Healthcare Highways
  • Global
  • Community Care
  • Sooner Care
  • Medicare

We appreciate our staff and students deeply and although we hope you will not need it, we trust that you will find access to on-site testing to be a convenient service if you do! Please feel free to reach out directly to me, your principal, or our nurse with any questions!


Stephen Taylor

Assistant Headmaster