From your midtown campus principal, Rhonda Jones

This was a quick week with fun happenings at the Rhetoric School. We celebrated the season with coffee, pastries, and lots of gusto! We wrapped up our House Kickball Tournament on Thursday. Ask your students which House came out victorious and earned bragging rights for the year.

Introducing Our New Spanish Teacher: Dr. Eugenia Fuenzalida will be joining our staff on November 2nd. She will observe classes and work in tandem with Mrs. Stall for 1 week, then take over on November 9th. Dr. Fuenzalida has been teaching for 30+ years and has 8 years of experience teaching Spanish, which is her first language. She is employed at OU and serves as the Director of the Behavioral Neuroscience and Performance Center, is a Fellow for the Center of Intelligence and National Security, and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. While this sounds like a mouth full of responsibility, Dr. Fuenzalida is feeling like she has too much time on her hands and is ecstatic about joining The Academy. For years she has been watching our high school grow from a distance with close contacts in our community. She jumped at the chance to teach Spanish and immerse herself in our Classical environment. Your students will be abundantly blessed to have Dr. Fuenzalida as a teacher. She thrives on teaching and mentoring, which makes her a great professional and personal fit for our sweet school. She is a beautiful picture of answered prayer in tangible form.

Upcoming Lyceum Guest Speakers:

1) November – Academy Father, James Wickersham will lead a discussion on the Reformation from a Catholic perspective.

2) November 19th – Academy Father, Reverend Ben Janssen will lead a discussion on the Reformation from a Protestant perspective.

A Few Logistics

1. PSAT Update – TODAY we received ALL TESTING MATERIALS! Sophomores and Juniors will take the PSAT on October 29th. Parents and students will receive an email from Mrs. Vishanoff soon which will depict instructions regarding when and where to show up on the 29th.

2. The Academy Handbook – Many students have asked me where they can find a copy of our school handbook. The handbook is posted in FACTS in the “resource documents” area.

3. COVID Care Update – Please read last week’s Nuntius for details. We will continue with current protocols.

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Mondays Chapel, formal uniform
  • Tuesdays Off Campus Lunch Day, Hildegard may wear jeans & spirit wear tops all year
  • Thursdays Lyceum days or Spirit days, monthly


  • October 29 & 30 Parent teacher conferences, NO SCHOOL
  • November 6 Auction
  • November 10 North Campus Rising to Rhetoric, 8th grade students visit the Rhetoric School
  • November 10 Rhetoric View Event in the evening
  • November 12 South Campus Rising to Rhetoric, 8th grade students visit the Rhetoric School
  • November 19 Rhetoric Spirit day
  • November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break
  • December 2 North Lessons & Carols
  • December 3 South Lessons & Carols

NOTE: Lessons & Carols will be an online, virtual experience. More details to come from our Culture & Events staff and Fine Arts staff.