From your midtown campus principal, Rhonda Jones

What a week! As is the routine of life, this week brought surprises that invited opportunity to harness thought and ponder God’s provisional promises as circumstances were anything but provisional. For those of you without power, you are in my prayers. For those of you who may be managing other uncertain circumstances, please let me know how I can support you. For those of you who may struggle with the onset of winter, as I confess I often find myself in this camp, may I offer this poem. I often use poetry as an avenue to process and relish in the beauty of a phrase as I consider how to harness my thoughts in a manner that reflects truth, goodness, and beauty. I find the words in A Winter’s Epiphany to be simple, but raw……true and hopeful. As we deal with the unexpected hassles that manifest from ice storms, we are so very blessed to be called sons and daughters of God, with an inheritance that will neither perish, spoil, or fade! May this season bring opportunities to ponder our blessings as we also manage routine hassles in life.

A Winter’s Epiphany

by Michael A. Barron

Timeless thoughts of a winter’s stare; eyes gazing over a landscape bare.

Memories drift on a blustery breeze; dying light ushers in the freeze. Reaching out for a grasp on the present; stillness sets in, alone, and desolate. Future unknown, outcome uncertain; brilliance shadowed by a drawn curtain. Path now set, laid before me known;

closing light now emanating from home. Enter my homestead, heart filled with glee; two eyes of the future peering upward at me. Trusting in him to forge forward until fulfilled; Basis of strength, values I have instilled. A weary mind at last permitted to rest; reflecting on the realization of how I am blessed.

Upcoming Lyceum Guest Speakers:

1) November – Academy Father, James Wickersham will lead a discussion on the Reformation from a Catholic perspective.

2) November 19th – Academy Father, Reverend Ben Janssen will lead a discussion on the Reformation from a Protestant perspective.

Final Exams at The Academy

This year we are reconfiguring the way we manage final exams for all Dialectic & Rhetoric classes. While students will complete the semester with some sort of assessment (project or test), this assessment experience will follow the same pattern of assessment procedures used throughout the semester. We are transitioning from intensive testing procedures that entail 1-2 hour exams and require a complete restructuring of the last week of school. We believe that students retain information best if it is built upon in a cumulative manner without the presence of stress-induced situations that force intensive cramming. Research fully supports that depth of learning and lasting retention occurs most when students gradually develop deepening knowledge with continual opportunities to strengthen conceptual memory. We believe this new assessment practice will provide healthier opportunities in the school culture to deepen memory retention and deepen understanding of knowledge. This shift also provides more opportunity for class instruction time at the end of each semester. If you have questions about this shift in practice, I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Please contact me!

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Mondays Chapel, formal uniform
  • Tuesdays Off Campus Lunch Day, Hildegard may wear jeans & spirit wear tops all year
  • Thursdays Lyceum days or Spirit days, monthly


  • November 4 Rhetoric kickball champion game
  • November 6 Academy Auction
  • November 10 North Campus Rising to Rhetoric, 8th grade students visit the Rhetoric School
  • November 10 Rhetoric View Event in the evening
  • November 12 Rhetoric Spirit Day, wear jeans & an Academy spirit or house shirt
  • November 12 South Campus Rising to Rhetoric, 8th grade students visit the Rhetoric School
  • November 19 Rhetoric Spirit day
  • November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break
  • December 2 North Lessons & Carols
  • December 3 South Lessons & Carols NOTE: Lessons & Carols will be an online, virtual experience. More details to come from our Culture & Events staff and Fine Arts staff.
  • December 3 Spirit Day & Hanging of The Green. Students wear jeans & ugly Christmas sweaters!
  • December 17 Rhetoric Christmas Feast
  • December 18 Rhetoric Winter Celebration (more details to come from Mrs. Rankin)
  • January 11 Classes resume, 2nd semester begins