Notes from the North Campus – 11.13.20

What a busy week, but God is in control. Lots of learning mixed in with sports events and a spirit day. Appreciate everyone’s support of staff and each other. If you have concerns, please come see me or call.

Smart Watches

We will be having students with a watch that connects to a phone/internet for grammar students to leave it at home or turned off and leave in the backpack and for dialectic students to check it into the “phone motel” along with their phones at the beginning of the school day. The Academy Handbook supports this practice, and we are mirroring the Rhetoric campus enforcement of the policy. Due to the volume of students with Smart Watches it has become increasingly difficult to ask teachers to methodically manage internet access during classes while also teaching with presence of mind. Thank you for your partnership and support for this matter!

Calendar Notes for this next week:

  • November 16 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • November 17 8th Grade Rising to Rhetoric visit to Midtown
  • November 17 8th Grade Parent Zoom meeting in the evening following Rising to Rhetoric
  • November 17 Spirit Day – This is a change due to the Lessons & Carols recording schedule
  • November 18, 19, 20 Lessons & Carols recording days at north campus. You have received an email designating your student(s) recording date. Please have them dress in nice Christmas (Christmas colors) for the filming.
  • November 18 Dialectic Spirit Day Thanksgiving Fable Feast
  • November 19 North Campus View Event 9-10 am. This is a change in schedule.
  • November 19 Turkey Trott PK Traditional
  • November 20 Fifth grade Durin’s Day Festival
  • November 20 JCL meeting 3:45-4:45

Calendar Notes for the rest of First Semester:

  • November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL
  • December 1 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • December 1 JCL Leaders meeting at lunch
  • December 2 House Leaders Meeting at lunch
  • December 4 Auction winner – The Irons have chosen December 4th as NO UNIFORM DAY!! All students on north campus on Friday may wear appropriate attire (jeans included) to school that day as well as staff. Please be sure that any symbols on the clothes are Academy standard as well as length of skirts and shorts, and sleeves for the shirts.
  • December 4 Knitting & Crocheting club 3:45-4:45
  • December 7 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • December 7 & 8 Bake Sale
  • December 9 Spirit Day
  • December 10 PK3 Bach & Mozart Nativity Festival
  • December 11 North Dialectic Spirit Day
  • December 11 JCL meeting 3:45-4:45
  • December 11-12 Fall Rhetoric Drama Production at Midtown campus NOTE: Date change from October
  • December 14 Dialectic Christmas Party
  • December 15 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • December 15 North Christmas Feast This may be modified due to the COVID situation.
  • December 16 Bach Last Day of School before Christmas Break
  • December 17 3Trad Tumnus Tea Party
  • December 17 Mozart Last Day
  • December 18 Traditional grammar, Dialectic, Rhetoric Last Day
  • ½ Day dismissal at 12:00 NO LUNCH
  • End of Second Quarter
  • December 21-January 8 Christmas Break NO SCHOOL

Have a safe and delightful weekend.