From your south campus principal, Grant Bickell

I’m sorry to not have been able to spend time with you and your children this week, I miss you all dearly. For the last several days, I have sat at my Grandpa John’s bedside reading the Bible, praying, and singing. He suffered a major stroke this last week and has been placed on hospice, but God has been gracious to give my family these precious moments with both him and my Grandma Ruth. The tears have been fast flowing but they have been sweet.

Some of my time in the past few days has been spent by reflecting on what is important in life. As I did this, it reminded me of an author I love, and one that we read at The Academy, Peter Kreeft. If you have done any work in formal logic in recent years you may have run across Kreeft and his wonderful Socrates based series of books. One of these books, The Best Things in Life, challenges the American ideals of what we believe make us happy and content. Throughout a series of Socratic discussions, with Socrates present (he is able to time travel… just go with it), Kreeft gets almost to the heart of so many of our problems today. I say almost because, although Kreeft is a Christian, Socrates was a deist at best and lived in an age many centuries before Christ was born. Peter, er, Socrates drives home that the things we pursue will never be enough to satisfy the wantonness of our hearts.

Kreeft may be a more obscure author but he is surely accessible. My challenge for you this week is to pick up a copy of The Best Things in Life and to ponder with Kreeft, Socrates, and me what we really ought to be pursuing. In light of that my prayer for us this week is that God would grant us all a wonderful second Sunday of Advent as we await the coming birth of our Savior.

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Calendar for the rest of the semester:

  • December 2 Spirit Day. House Meetings.
  • December 2 View Event. 9:00.
  • December 4 Ambrose House Feast. POSTPONED
  • December 7 Chapel. Spirit Dress Day for L&C Run Through
  • December 9 Moses Project 2 of 4. After Matins.
  • December 9 Lessons & Carols Live Stream 10:00 AM
  • December 11 Jane Eyre – Midtown Drama Production Postponed to January TBD
  • December 14 Christmas Feast. Formal Day.
  • December 15 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • December 16 Dialectic Finals
  • December 16 Last Day for Blended Grammar.
  • December 18 Dialectic Finals
  • December 18 Last Day of Second Quarter. Half day – dismissal at noon. (No lunch.)
  • December 22 Semester Grades due in FACTS.
  • December 21 – January 8 CHRISTMAS BREAK – NO SCHOOL
  • January 11 First Day back to School.
  • January 11 Chapel. Formal Day.