From your north campus principal, Ann Taylor

We are almost to the finish line of first semester of The Academy 2020-21 school year!! It has been a semester of opportunity in areas of academics, health and safety, and partnership. Thanks to all of you for your continued encouragement and support as we have navigated some uncharted areas in the life of our young district. We were able to get Lessons & Carols filmed, and that program will be edited and put up on the YouTube station in the near future. We are gearing up for our north campus Christmas Feast in celebration of our Lord’s birth this next week. It will carry much of the tradition of the past and have the spark of new contributions covid style! It will be great. You all have been so supportive of the staff and your prayers are very much appreciated.

Please remember to send water bottles with your students: We have new fountains that allow water bottles to be refilled, and we are almost out of the plastic disposal bottles of water to hand out. It helps a lot for your students have their bottles to keep hydrated.

Note about medicine: Please if you send medicine (prescription or over the counter) to school for your child, you need to notify the nurse (kbarrier@theacademyok.org) so she can retrieve it from your student and keep it in her office to dispense according to the directions.

IF you have provided the school with prescription medication that is taken by your student during the school day and need to have any remaining doses for the holidays, please make sure you stop by the campus prior to Friday, December 18 at 12:00 when we dismiss for the Christmas break. In addition, Mrs. Barrier will be checking EpiPens for expiration dates and let you know if you need to provide a new pen after the Christmas break.

Note on drop off: Please, if you are running late and we are not outside for matins (rain, temperature, etc.), park and walk your student(s) into the main entrance of Veritas Hall. We had a student get locked out because the child was dropped off in front and went to the middle doors of Veritas Hall (which were locked since we had matins inside that day). This is a safety concern. I appreciate your assistance regardless of the age of your children.

NOTE: If you have selected to go remote until the end of first semester, are on quarantine, or enrolled in TAO, please have the student’s work handed in by Friday, December 18, so our teachers can complete their obligations of posting all grades for second quarter/first semester by December 22, so we can batch report cards as soon as we return.

Calendar Events for this next week:

  • December 15 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • December 15 North Christmas Feast & Dialectic Christmas party
  • December 16 Bach Last Day of School before Christmas Break
  • December 17 3Trad Tumnus Tea Party
  • December 17 Mozart Last Day
  • December 18 Traditional grammar, Dialectic, Rhetoric Last Day
  • ½ Day dismissal at 11:55 NO LUNCH
  • End of Second Quarter/First Semester
  • December 21-January 8 Christmas Break NO SCHOOL

Calendar for second semester through Spring Break

Please note:  many of these events may change, be postponed, or canceled.  Please watch principal’s notes carefully for updates to this event schedule.

  • January 11 Third Quarter Begins
  • January 11 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • January 11 House Leaders’ Meeting at lunch
  • January 13 Spirit Day
  • January 14 North Campus View Event 9-10
  • January 15 Re-enrollment Opens
  • January 15 North Chrysostom House Feast 12:00-1:00
  • January 15 Knitting & Crocheting after school
  • January 18 Martin Luther King’s Day NO SCHOOL
  • January 19 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • January 21 Spirit Day
  • January 22 JCL Spaghetti Fundraise 6:00-8:00 pm at North Campus gym
  • January 25 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • January 25 and 26 Class Pictures and retakes.
  • January 27 Kindergarten Around the World Festival Bach & Traditional K A
  • January 28 Kindergarten Around the World Festival Mozart & Traditional K B
  • January 29 Dialectic Spirit Day
  • January 29 Knitting & Crocheting after school
  • January 31 Re-enrollment Closes
  • February 1 Enrollment Opens to Public new students
  • February 2 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • February 2 JCL Leaders meeting at lunch
  • February 3 North House Leaders Meeting over lunch
  • February 5 Science Triathlon packets go home – information to be coming
  • February 5 Winter In-service @ Midtown campus ½ day for Students
  • NO LUNCH dismissal at 11:35
  • February 8 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • February 8-9 Speech Meet @ South and North
  • February 10 Speech Meet Finals @ South and North
  • February 10 North Spirit Day
  • February 11 North VIEW event 9-10
  • February 12 Augustine House Feast
  • February 12 JCL meeting after school 3:45-4:45
  • February 13 Fine Arts Faculty Talent Show Midtown 7 pm
  • February 15-16 Mid-Winter Break NO SCHOOL
  • February 18 Spirit Day
  • February 19 Athanasius House Feast 12-1 in the gym
  • February 19 Rhetoric Academy Awards
  • February 22-23 Donuts with Dad
  • February 22 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • February 26 Dialectic Spirit Day
  • February 27 Dialectic Dance @ Midtown 7-9 pm
  • March 1 Scholarship Application Deadline
  • March 1-5 North Drama Tech Week
  • March 2 JCL Leaders meeting at lunch
  • March 3 North House Leaders Meeting at lunch
  • March 5 Knitting & Crocheting
  • March 5-6 Dialectic Drama Production
  • March 8 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • March 8 Etiquette Class at Midtown campus
  • March 9 Griffin Madness at Midtown gym 6-8
  • March 10 4Trad A & 4Bach Living History Museum in the gym
  • March 10 Spirit Day
  • March 11 4Trad B & 4Mozart Living History Museum in the gym
  • March 11 North VIEW event 9-10
  • March 11 Giving Society Spring Reception
  • March 11 Capstone at Midtown campus 6-9pm
  • March 12 End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 12 Pi Day Celebration Dialectic Spirit Day
  • March 12 JCL meeting 6th grade only
  • March 15-19 Spring Break NO SCHOOL

Again, I cannot thank you enough for all the support and encouragement that you have provided to our north campus staff, families, and students! Have a great Advent weekend living in the anticipation of the celebration of our Lord’s birth so long ago.