The South Campus Serials – 12.11.20

From your south campus principal, Grant Bickell

A few years ago, I was teaching Ancient Omnibus for the first time. In this course, there are two overused (and wonderful) jokes. The first is about Euripides and Eumenides. It obtuse but funny to some. The other is to ask your students what their favorite book they have read by Socrates is. It’s funny because Socrates didn’t write anything. His works have been given to us by Plato, his student that wrote down so many of his teachings. Although this joke goes right over most students heads, there is the occasional one that looks up at you gives a smile (and sometimes a facepalm) and moves on.

Last week, I wrote about Peter Kreeft and his book The Best Things in Life. This week we tackle another great author Plato. Specifically, his text The Last Days of Socrates. It can be found here – https://bit.ly/3qMulDF

This text outlines, oddly enough, the events leading up to the state appointed death of Socrates. He is on trial for corrupting the youth and impiety against the Greek gods. This book is actually a series of four books chronicling the trial, arguments, and the death of Socrates. Throughout the texts, we see the virtue of a man and his willingness to not give up on what he believes, even in the face of adversity and impending death. So much can be learned about virtue and the virtues defined by Aristotle in his work Nicomachean Ethics, but we will save that one for another day.


We have hired Dana Smith as our South Campus Culture and Events Coordinator! I am so excited to add Dana to our team and she is ready to get going. We desire to get our HPO back up and running and you can expect to hear from Dana soon with new opportunities.

Pre-K Aide Position

With Dana Smith transitioning out of Pre-K we are looking to hire a Pre-K Aide. Let me know if you are interested. https://theacademyok.org/employment-opportunities/

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