The word “historic” is commonplace at a Classical Christian school. After all, that’s our thing. We study historic literary figures, historic timelines and events, you name it. However, lately, it seems that word has become more prevalent during our world’s current events in ways that we could have never imagined. So, please bear with me as I throw it around a few more times.

We have had a historic year at The Academy. Really – one for the record books. We began March having no idea how Covid was going to affect our school and community. Then came a first in our school’s history. We went virtual! Little ol’ us tackling Zoom like a boss and “Griffins Live-ing” it like nobody’s business. Next? A historic re-enrollment retention rate and a historic number of new applications. They kept coming. They are still coming. Over 170 new students joined us for the 2020-2021 school year. Here’s the best part: We have had the privilege of touring new families and hearing their stories of how they found The Academy. We also get the pleasure of “Introducing History” to them. Yes! Cursive still exists! Yes, Latin is our passion. Yes, we teach phonics and grammar jingles. Remember those? Yes, your children will write and write and write. On actual paper.

Time and time again, parents have expressed how fortunate they are that this weird pandemic has exposed the need to re-think their school choice. “We had always thought about The Academy, and now we realize how much we needed it.” “Wow, you all are doing it right. You are actually educating children.” “So, you have always had a blended program?” “This is exactly what we have been looking for and never knew it.”

I wish our entire community could be in the room where it happens – to meet and greet the wonderful new families gracing our doors who are thrilled to be here, and to finally feel like they have a home. We are better for it.

Let’s keep up the momentum. Join us next year. The best is yet to come!

Re-Enrollment / New Sibling Applications Open: January 15th- January 31st (Save your spot!)

New Family Applications Open: February 1st

Our View Event schedule can be found on our website. Please contact admissions@theacademyok.org with any questions and keep spreading the word!

From your Admissions Director, Darla Benoit