From your midtown campus principal, Rhonda Jones

Parents, thank you for your gracious partnership as we weathered a precarious week! I hope winter break allows you to slow down, stay warm, and enjoy some unhurried wonder with your families. Stay Warm!

A Few Logistics

1. February 19th Coffee Truck At Midtown – We postponed this event for next Friday. Since the weather projection includes a heat wave at the high temperature of 37, we think this is a safe bet 😊

2. 2021-22 Student Handbook & Uniform Updates – I encourage you to read the school handbook, and encourage your student to do so as well. I gave students a heads up regarding a few uniform updates decided upon by The Academy Uniform Committee. Next year, on regular uniform days, uniform component tops need to have an Academy Crest on them to be worn. This includes the new crew sweatshirt offered at Lands End. Griffin hoodies and other athletic sweatshirts/tops (without a crest) can be worn on Spirit Days. My hope in communicating this change early is to honor the respect and maturity students’ practice. Concerning uniform guidelines, it’s always my hope to honor them without allowing school relationships and culture to be superseded by an inflated focus on them. I’m a firm believer in students having awareness of handbook guidelines. This practice will be vital for them if they pursue college, as handbook guidelines truly play a part in successful management of college life.

3. Summer Prefect Retreat – If your student holds a role in House Leadership, or joins House Leadership later this semester, please mark your calendars! Our summer leadership training and team building retreat will be June 28th- 30th.

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Mondays Chapel, formal uniform
  • Tuesdays Off Campus Lunch Day, Hildegard may wear jeans & spirit wear tops all year
  • Thursdays Lyceum days or Spirit days, monthly


  • February 15-16 Mid-Winter Break
  • February 17 Ash Wednesday
  • March 1st Scholarship Application Deadline
  • March 11th Midtown Spirit Day
  • March 15-19th Spring Break
  • April 24th Spring Formal