Notes from the North Campus – 2.12.21

From your north campus principal, Ann Taylor

Happy Valentine’s Day on Sunday and relaxing mid-winter break!

It was a full week for all on north campus starting with a wet/icy morning on Monday. We had initial round of speech meet presentations in students’ classrooms with finals on Wednesday (see results below). In addition, teachers and staff were treated to coffee via Snow S’more Coffee truck (organized by Jamie Howell, community coordinator – thanks much!) on Monday and reschedule for Tuesday to Thursday, February 19 due to weather (which was a nice warm treat for all on cold days). The north community had our first Spirit Day of the month on Wednesday. I hope everyone has a relaxing even if the weather isn’t the best mid-winter break next Monday and Tuesday (February 15 & 16). Thank you all for your continued support of all at The Academy district wide.

NOTES: NO UNIFORM DAY, Wednesday, February 17

This was a leftover from the five-month spring break of 2020! At the Auction in 2019, the Capucille Family won the bidding for the north campus “No Uniform Day” for 2019-20. Needless to say the COVID lock down came before our scheduled day, SO we will be having a north campus “No Uniform Day on Wednesday, February 17th. All students and staff may wear jeans (not torn or having holes) or other appropriate attire in keeping with the general standards of The Academy. This will be a fun way to return to studies after the mid-winter break.


Again I thank all parents for making the great effort to get your student to north campus on Wednesday so we could have 100% participation!!!!

First and Second Grades Speech Meet:

Third-Fifth Grades Speech Meet:

So proud of our first through fifth graders for the gallant effort to memorize and present their speech meet choices. They are surely growing as fine orators in preparation for dialectic and rhetoric. Delight in the Lord even with all the opportunities He has provided this season in our school year. Please continue to monitor your student’s health and temperature to protect all.

Calendar events for this coming week

  • February 15-16 Mid-Winter Break NO SCHOOL
  • February 17 No Uniform Day for all students on campus on this day
  • February 18 Spirit Day

Keep safe and healthy!!

Calendar events for the remainder of Second Semester:

Modifications, changes, or cancelation possible due to COVID protocol at the time

  • February 22-23 Donuts with Dad – details will be coming soon
  • February 22 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • February 26 Dialectic Spirit Day
  • March 1 Scholarship Application Deadline
  • March 1-5 North Drama Tech Week
  • March 2 JCL Leaders meeting at lunch
  • March 3 North House Leaders Meeting at lunch
  • March 5 Knitting & Crocheting
  • March 5-6 Dialectic Drama Production
  • March 8 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • March 9 Griffin Madness at Midtown gym 6-8
  • March 10 4Trad A & 4Bach Living History Museum in the gym
  • March 10 Spirit Day
  • March 11 4Trad B & 4Mozart Living History Museum in the gym
  • March 11 North VIEW event 9-10
  • March 11 Giving Society Spring Reception
  • March 11 Capstone at Midtown campus 6-9pm
  • March 12 End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 12 Pi Day Celebration Dialectic Spirit Day
  • March 12 JCL meeting 6th grade only
  • March 15-19 Spring Break NO SCHOOL
  • March 23 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • March 24 2Bach Charlotte’s Web Breakfast
  • March 24 Kindergarten Trad and Bach Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
  • March 25 Kindergarten Mozart Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
  • March 25 2Mozart Charlotte’s Web Breakfast
  • March 25 Spirit Day
  • March 26 Dialectic Spirit Day
  • March 26 3rd grade Renaissance Festival in the gym
  • March 26-27 JCL State Convention (7 and 8th grades only)
  • March 27 Admissions Blitz at Midtown
  • March 29 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • March 29 Etiquette Class at Midtown campus 4-6
  • March 30 Experimental Science Fair (6th & 7th only)
  • March 31 1st TradA & Bach Passover Festival
  • March 31 Stations of the Cross instead of Matins
  • April 1 Stations of the Cross instead of Matins
  • April 1 1st TradB & Mozart Passover Festival
  • April 2 Good Friday NO SCHOOL
  • April 5 North House Leaders Meeting at lunch
  • April 5 or 6 Staff meeting options
  • April 6 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • April 6 JCL Leadership meeting at lunch
  • April 7 North and South Resurrection Feasts (formal uniform) –
  • April 8-9 Lyceum Project
  • April 9 Knitting & Crocheting Club 3:45-4:45
  • April 12 North Chapel (formal uniform)
  • April 12-13 Bake Sale at Lunch
  • April 12-16 Tech week for South Campus Drama Production
  • April 14 Spirit Day
  • April 15 Enrollment Contract Deadline
  • April 15 North VIEW event 9-10
  • April 16 2nd Grade Antiquities Feast and Greek Olympics in the gym
  • April 16 JCL meeting – Fifth graders are invited 3:45-4:45
  • April 20 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • April 20 Giving Society Vision Event 11:30-12:30 Midtown
  • April 21 PK Bach Nursery Rhyme Festival
  • April 22 PK Mozart Nursery Rhyme Festival
  • April 22 North Oral Pres and Dialectic Choir Night 6-7
  • April 23 3rd Medieval Field Trip* (location TBD – dates might change)
  • April 23 Kindergarten Oklahoma Day Celebration
  • April 23 Dialectic Spirit Day
  • April 23 PK Trad Nursery Rhyme Festival
  • April 23 South Oral Pres and Dialectic Choir Night
  • April 26 North Chapel (formal uniform)
  • April 28 Griffin Games 12:00 to 3:00 at All Souls Church
  • April 29 North Spirit Day
  • April 30 Spring In-Service dismissal at 11:35 for Students NO LUNCH
  • May 3-7 Tech Week for Rhetoric Drama
  • May 3 North House Leaders Meeting at lunch
  • May 3 or 4 North Staff Meeting options
  • May 4 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • May 4 JCL Leadership Meeting during lunch
  • May 5 Bach Recitation/Grandparents’ Day program in gym at 1:30
  • PK3 Bach Recitation/Grandparents’ Day in chapel at 10:45
  • May 6 Mozart Recitation/Grandparents’ Day program in the gym at 1:30
  • PK3 Mozart Recitation/Grandparents’ Day in chapel at 10:45
  • May 7 Traditional Grammar Recitation/Grandparents’ Day program in the gym at 1:30
  • May 7 JCL meeting 3:45-4:45
  • May 7 Rhetoric Drama Production 7pm Midtown campus
  • May 10 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • May 10-11 Bake Sale at lunch
  • May 12 Spirit Day
  • May 13 Schola Cantorum All District Choir 6-7 pm at Midtown
  • May 14 Dialectic Spirit Day (8th grade send-off) during lunch
  • May 18 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • May 20 Spirit Day
  • May 21 Kindergarten Trad field trip to Gathering Place*
  • May 21 Graduation at Midtown 7-9 pm
  • May 24 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • May 25 Last day of school for Mozart cohort
  • May 26 Dialectic & Rhetoric Finals
  • May 26 Last day of school for Bach, Traditional Grammar, and Dialectic
  • May 27-28 Teacher Workdays and check out
  • May 28 Grades due into FACTS
  • May 31 Memorial Day – school offices closed