The South Campus Serials – 2.19.21

From your south campus principal, Grant Bickell

One of the most influential books on classical education I have read is The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory (PDF available here – http://bit.ly/3qCfDik). If you have not gotten into many texts on the nuts and bolts of how we do what we do, may I suggest this as your place to start. Gregory lays out seven laws for which teachers, and students, must pay attention to for the education of a student.

His seven laws of teaching are:

I. The Law of the Teacher

II. The Law of the Learner

III. The Law of the Language

IV. The Law of the Lesson

V. The Law of the Teaching Process

VI. The Law of the Learning Process

VII. The Law of Review

My good friend, Josh Dyson (Head of School from Classical School of Wichita) made it into a little diddy for us to remember

Teachers gotta know, learners must attend, language is the medium, lesson for a friend, teaching process – arousing, learning process – thinking, review – reproduce.

Ask me sometime and I’ll sing it for you. You will not be disappointed.

One of my favorite places to read as a teacher, was the law of the learning process. For today, take a read through and let me know how you think we are doing as a school and how your individual students are doing. Gregory writes:

If we watch again a child at his studies, and mark carefully what he is to do, we shall easily see that it is not merely an effort of the attention, nor a vague and aimless exertion of his mental powers, that is required of him. There is a clear and distinct act or process which we wish him to accomplish. It is to form in his own mind, by the use of his own powers, a complete and truthful conception or notion of the facts and truths in the lesson, in all their parts, relations, proofs, and applications. This is the result to which all efforts of teacher and learner must be bent. The Law of the Learning Process may therefore be stated thus : 

The learner must reproduce in his own mind the truth to be acquired.

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