From your midtown campus principal, Rhonda Jones

What a fast week! This week we solidified our new Rhetoric School schedule. Implementing a new school schedule will not only allow us to service over 100 students next year, but also allow us to support our cultural values in the way we spend our hours of the day. This scheduling process culminates months of collaborative research and work. I want to offer a HUGE thanks and shout-out to Mr. Kelley. While Mr. Taylor and I offer theoretical and collaborative support, Mr. Kelley owns the analytical work and manages the multiple revisions involved in this process. He has spent copious hours meeting with staff members, drafting templates, then repeating the process. He has done this with one goal in mind; how can this schedule represent what we value in our school culture? This value has been his driving focus. I am consistently amazed at his level of analytical intellect for this type of mathematical process and the patience he offers me as he tirelessly responds to my many questions and “what if” scenarios. Mr. Kelley is a gift to our school! His leadership style is service-oriented, and his talents are vast. We are both looking forward to rolling out this schedule, along with the new learning opportunities that will accompany it! Thank You Mr. Kelley!

A Few Logistics

1. Summer Prefect Retreat – If your student holds a role in House Leadership, or joins House Leadership later this semester, please mark your calendars! Our summer leadership training and team building retreat will be June 28th- 30th.

2. Brigid Non-Uniform Day – On Thursday March 4th Brigid will have a non-uniform day. Brigid won the “Night to Unite” House competition in October. We’ve never followed through on their reward, which was a non-uniform day.

3. Hiring Update – This week I hired Alex Burdge as a full-time Humanities staff member. He comes to us from Kansas. Mr. Burdge is a great fit with our staff team and is a Classist at heart! He has a Masters in Humanities/English and is pursuing a PhD. He will be a gift to our school community!

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Mondays Chapel, formal uniform
  • Tuesdays Off Campus Lunch Day, Hildegard may wear jeans & spirit wear tops all year
  • Thursdays Lyceum days or Spirit days, monthly


  • March 1st Scholarship Application Deadline
  • March 11th Midtown Spirit Day
  • March 15-19th Spring Break
  • April 13th SAT/ACT, details about enrollment will be managed by J. Osuna & B. Vishanoff
  • April 24th Spring Formal