Notes from the North Campus (Dialectic) 3.12.21

This week I’ve had a single word pumping through my veins, “renewal.” It’s easy to see why I might have this word at the forefront of my mind. Looking out at our campus there is a sense of “thawing” taking place. The daffodils and lilies are wrestling old man winter and his grip grows shaky, he can not hold for long. The birds who desperately sought food on the ice but two weeks ago, are now singing out a joyous song. One tree in our courtyard felt the sunshine on her back and was so excited, she burst out in radiant blooms!

Meanwhile, in every classroom nervous energy has settled into the bodies of our students, after all, they are staring Spring Break in the eye and they know they can not blink. To channel some of this energy, our 6th graders got their hands in the soil and filled the front flower pots with pops of color. Our host class will take on the fun of watering these flowers each day at lunch.

Our 8th grade young men are getting the opportunity to restore some of our old wooden desks that just needed a little elbow grease and love to really shine. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

In all ways we are seeing the joy of the renewal.

On that note, here are some notes for the following weeks!


  • House meetings will resume on March 25th! This has been a sorely missed culture component of our school and we are pumped to see our houses come together again.
  • Crazy Hair day. On Spirit day, March 25th and Spirit day April 14th we are going to have Crazy hair day. If you student comes to school with their hair done up all crazy they will receive 20 house points! House colored hair sprays and paint are not required to win…but would be pretty cool J
  • Griffin Games are on the horizon! On April 28th we will gather together at All Souls Church for our annual day of games and celebration. More details will be forthcoming soon.
  • Starting at the end of March, the house that has the most points for the month will be awarded a no uniform day. So to clarify, whoever gains the most points that month, not which house has the most points overall.
  • Speaking of no uniform days, Chrysostom has their no uniform day coming up on Wednesday, March 24th.

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  • March 23 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • March 25th Spirit Day
  • March 26-27 JCL State Convention.
  • March 29 Chapel. Formal Day