The South Campus Serials – 4.3.21

A most Blessed Holy Week to all of you. I pray your week has been full of sweet moments of rememberance. Below you will find five readings on Christ from our five House Fathers. I found these to be a wonderful way to remind myself of the person and work of Jesus Christ while remembering the work of saints who have gone before us. Drink deeply friends!


Jesus, “born of the Holy Spirit and of the Virgin; He received a stainless body, which not only no sins polluted, but which neither the generation nor the conception had been stained by any admixture of defilement. For we men are all born under sin, and our very origin is in evil, as we read in the words of David: “For lo, I was conceived in wickedness, and in sin did my mother bring me forth.” Therefore the flesh of Paul was a body of death, as he himself says: “Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” But the flesh of Christ condemned sin, which He felt not at His birth, and crucified by His death, so that in our flesh there might be justification through grace, in which before there had been pollution by guilt.”


For it is by progressing in the life of conversion and faith that, with heart enlarged and in ineffable sweetness of love, one runs in the way of God’s commandments, so that never deserting His discipleship but persevering until death in His doctrine within the monastery, we may partake by patience in the suffering of Christ and become worthy inheritors of His kingdom. Amen.


Let us all, brothers, consider the Good Shepherd who to save His sheep bore the suffering of the Cross. The sheep of the Lord followed Him in tribulation and persecution and shame, in hunger and thirst, in infirmity and temptations and in all other ways; and for these things they have received everlasting life from the Lord. Wherefore it is a great shame for us, the servants of God, that, whereas the Saints have practised works, we should expect to receive honor and glory for reading and preaching the same.


By His own blood then the Lord redeemed us, and gave His life for our life, His flesh for our flesh; and He poured out the Spirit of the Father to bring about the union and communion of God and man, bringing down God to men through the Spirit while raising man to God through His incarnation and His advent, surely and truly giving us incorruption through the communion which we have with God.


Christ Himself brought the robber from the cross to paradise, and, to show that repentance is never too late, He turned a murderer’s death into a martyrdom. Gladly does Christ embrace the prodigal son when he returns to Him; and, leaving the ninety and nine, the good shepherd carries home on His shoulders the one poor sheep that is left. From a persecutor Paul becomes a preacher. His bodily eyes are blinded to clear the eyes of his soul, and he who once haled Christ’s servants in chains before the council of the Jews, lives afterwards to glory in the bonds of Christ.

These readings are from various resources across the internet and although in the public domain, I pulled them from the following websites:

Resurrection Feast: By God’s good grace, we are entering a new season that allows us to host the festive, on-campus events we treasure so dearly, and what better occasion to kick that off than celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ! We are thrilled to once again host our annual, school-wide Resurrection Feast on Wednesday, April 7th from 11:00-12:00pm. Sign up to help here – https://bit.ly/3mdngdK

Uniform Reminder: As a reminder, our young ladies may wear ankle boots November through March and as March has now ended those uniform items need to be put away for the year.

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  • April 6 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • April 7 Resurrection Feast. Formal Day.
  • April 8-9 Lyceum Project.
  • April 12 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • April 12-16 Tech week for South drama students.
  • April 14 Spirit Day. House Meetings.
  • April 14 1st Grade Festival – Passover Festival
  • April 15 Enrollment Contract Deadline.
  • April 16-17 South Campus Drama Performance.
  • April 19 Kinder Creative Curriculum. ** OK Land Run
  • April 20 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • April 21 View Event. 9:00 am.
  • April 21 Bake Sale – Irenaeus.
  • April 23 Oral Pres Night and Dialectic Choir Performance. 6:00-7:00 pm
  • April 26 Chapel. Formal Day.
  • April 28 Griffin Games.
  • April 30 Teacher Winter In-Service – Students dismissed at 11:35.
  • May 4 Chapel. Formal Day
  • May 5 Spring Recitation and Grandparents’ Day.