Notes from the North Campus (Grammar) – 4.9.21

North campus continued the 50 days of Easter celebration with special events this week which included the gracious gift of Easter eggs to all our grammar students as well as the campus Resurrection Feast (BIG thanks to Mrs. Howell and all our parents that served each of us that were in attendance on Wednesday this week). It has been very joyful to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection, spring weather, and loosened COVID restrictions! We have also been able to have lunch (when weather/wind permitted) outside with new blankets for four houses and the new picnic tables for the house with the most point the week before. It was great to have Chrysostom Feast on Friday. The week is concluding with our traditional Lyceum Project for the district. I hope many of you will be able to participate in the Friday event. Please note the information from Josh Spears our Lyceum director:

Lyceum Project 2021. David Zahl. Seculocity. 733pm. Midtown Campus. See you there!

Some logistics for enjoying the evening:

1. Go out to dinner in Midtown first. Make a date of it. Bring some friends along and have a double or triple date. Or go with a group of friends. Or go by yourself. In any case, give some love to restaurants in Midtown.

2. Park on the south side of our Midtown campus (or walk from your dinner locale; weather should be beautiful and the walk will get you ready to participate) and enter through the doors under the green awning. Head up to the sanctuary.

3. We’re asking that you keep practicing distancing and masking. We’re almost there! 4. If you can’t be with us live, join us on our Livestream here.

5. Listen. Think. Discuss. Ask.

6. Finish the life-changing night by continuing the conversation with friends over a milkshake, a coffee or another fun liquid.

Known needs for 2021-22 school year: a few five-day grammar positions as well as blended classes. If you or someone you know has an interest in joining our grammar staff, please, please give them my number or provide theirs to me to start a conversation. I so appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers, and ideas for these needs.

Calendar events for this coming week and the next:

  • April 12 North Chapel (formal uniform)
  • April 12-13 Bake Sale at Lunch
  • April 13 1st TradB & Mozart Passover Festival
  • April 14 Spirit Day – Crazy Hair Day and House Meetings
  • April 14 1st TradA & Bach Passover Festival
  • April 15 Augustine Feast
  • April 15 Enrollment Contract Deadline
  • April 15 North VIEW event 9-10
  • April 16 2nd Grade Antiquities Feast and Greek Olympics in the gym
  • April 16 JCL meeting – Fifth graders are invited 3:45-4:45

This truly is a season in the church year for feasting and celebration as we rejoice and remember our Savior’s sacrifice for each of us and victory over death!! It is hard to believe we are almost down to six more weeks of The Academy’s 2020-21 school year – one for the history books to say the least. It has been an opportunity to trust of our sovereign Lord in so many ways. Have a blessed weekend.

Calendar events for the remainder of Second Semester: Notice new additions

  • April 20 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • April 21 PK Bach Nursery Rhyme Festival
  • April 22 PK Mozart Nursery Rhyme Festival
  • April 22 North Oral Pres and Dialectic Choir Night 6-7
  • April 23 Kindergarten Oklahoma Day Celebration
  • April 23 Dialectic Spirit Day
  • April 23 PK Trad Nursery Rhyme Festival
  • April 26 North Chapel (formal uniform)
  • April 28 Griffin Games 12:00 to 3:00 at All Souls Church
  • April 29 North Spirit Day and House Meetings
  • April 30 Spring In-Service dismissal at 11:35 for Students NO LUNCH
  • May 3 North House Leaders Meeting at lunch
  • May 4 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • May 5 Bach Recitation/Grandparents’ Day program in gym at 1:30
  • PK3 Bach Recitation/Grandparents’ Day in chapel at 10:45
  • May 6 JCL Leadership Meeting during lunch
  • May 6 Mozart Recitation/Grandparents’ Day program in the gym at 1:30
  • PK3 Mozart Recitation/Grandparents’ Day in chapel at 10:45
  • May 7 Traditional Grammar Recitation/Grandparents’ Day program in the gym at 1:30
  • May 7 JCL meeting 3:45-4:45
  • May 10 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • May 10-11 Bake Sale at lunch
  • May 12 Spirit Day and House Meetings
  • May 13 Athanasius Feast
  • May 13 Schola Cantorum All District Choir 6-7 pm at Midtown
  • May 14 Dialectic Spirit Day (8th grade send-off) during lunch
  • May 17 Block Party at lunch (hotdogs and festivities)
  • May 18 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • May 18 Block Party at lunch (hotdogs and festivities)
  • May 20 Spirit Day and House Meetings
  • May 21 Kindergarten Trad field trip to Gathering Place*
  • May 21 Graduation at Midtown 7-9 pm
  • May 24 Chapel (formal uniform)
  • May 25 Last day of school for Mozart cohort & Awards Ceremony at 1:30
  • May 26 Last day of school for Bach, Traditional Grammar, and Dialectic
  • Awards Ceremony for Bach at 10:00
  • Awards Ceremony for Traditional Grammar at 1:30


May 31 Memorial Day – school offices closed