Uniquely Wonderful.
Those are the words that first come to mind when I look back on our past 3 years at this school. My prayer is that each family will also experience the uniquely wonderful that The Academy has to offer.

Thanks to the uniquely wonderful blended model I have personally witness my struggling reading, one who benefits most from repetition for mastery, empty “Congo stare” child grow into a confident and delightful reader, efficient phonogram master, and socially engaged leader amongst his class. I have watch our other two very gifted and talented children cultivate friendships in the most loving, sincere, and honest way, grow their faith to a level that challenges me-as a parent, and develop a passionate affection of learning that was not achievable outside the four walls of The Academy. 

Thanks to the uniquely wonderful instruction The Academy is providing our children, this school has developed a level of classical education that is unmatched. Young adults who recognize the beauty of of a sonnet on a level that brings them to tears because they have been taught of the goodness and truth Mr. Shakespeare has to offer society. Students who push themselves to excellence after watching those around them model that same behavior. Children who eagerly read a wonderfully written novel because they have been trained to love a wholesome piece of literature. The level of depth and understanding our children have experienced has made an impression on them that will continue to grow in the years to come. The way an academic institution can weave rich language, abundant history, and a wealth of classical literature into the minds of its students while laying the most fabulous Christian foundation is unparalleled.

The uniquely wonderful teachers who willed wild 9 year old boys into thoughtful, humble, and considerate humans. Teachers who have the understanding to let children wrestle with their weakness because they know it will lead to great personal growth and development. Challenging teachers who pray over their students for wisdom and discretion not only int the classroom but in life and with their relationships. These are the teachers who know exactly how much to push a child toward greatness but not enough to quench their curiosity. These teachers are the ones who help us raise children who encourage the best of their peers, their siblings, and all around them. These are the type of teacher we have found at The Academy.

We have heavy hearts walking through the last few weeks of The Academy life because of all its uniquely wonderful opportunities, education, and teachers. We have no regrets or complaints. This school, the families, and the staff have given us the confidence to jump into a new classical education opportunity in our natural geographic location at Highlands Latin School in Stillwater. We will remember all the culture, learning, and friendships with hopes and prayers of cultivating that same “uniquely wonderful” academic community in our home town. 

Many thanks to The Academy of Classical Christian Students for all you have done for our family and all you will continue to do for so many!

Written by North Campus Parent Sara Alsup