Notes from the North Campus – 5.7.21

It has been a delightful week especially seeing so many families (especially grandparents) on campus for Recitation Days Wednesday through Friday. The students did so well – truly growing in their skills as orators. We are almost done with plenty to keep the calendar full for the next two and a half weeks! Have a great weekend – we are near the finish line – let’s finish well.

Known needs for 2021-22 school year for North Campus

Kindergarten Traditional, First grade Traditional, Fourth grade Traditional, as well as aides. We are making progress. If you know of anyone interested, please have them contact me.

Calendar events for this coming week:

May 10 Chapel (formal uniform)

May 10 5th Trad Chreia presentations

May 10-11 Bake Sale at lunch

May 11 5th Bach Chreia presentations

May 12 5th Mozart Chreia presentations

May 12 Spirit Day and House Meetings

May 13 Athanasius Feast

May 13 Schola Cantorum All District Choir 6-7 pm at Midtown

May 14 Dialectic Spirit Day (8th grade send-off) during lunch

Calendar events to the end of school:

May 17 Block Party at lunch (hotdogs and festivities)

May 18 Chapel (formal uniform)

MAY 19 CHANGE Griffin Games 12:00 to 3:00 at All Souls Church EARLY DISMISSAL AT 11:00

Parents will drive students to All Souls for Lunch at 12:00 on the lawn and Griffin Games to follow – House shirts (or solid color of the student’s house) and PE bottoms and shoes uniform of the day (campus and Griffin Games)

May 18 Block Party at lunch (hotdogs and festivities)

May 20 Spirit Day and House Meetings

May 21 Kindergarten Trad field trip to Gathering Place*

May 21 Graduation at Midtown 7-9 pm

May 24 Chapel (formal uniform)


May 25 Last day of school for Mozart cohort full day

(Presentations of awards will be determined soon)

May 26 Half day – dismissal at 11:35 NO LUNCH

Last day of school for Bach, Traditional Grammar, and Dialectic

(Presentation of awards will be determined soon)

May 31 Memorial Day – school offices closed