Notes from the North Campus (Dialectic) – 5.7.21

After a year of not seeing parents and grandparents on our campus, it was beautifully refreshing to see droves of smiling family attend our grammar recitations this week. Well done students on all the hard work, beautiful singing and eloquence from the stage!

Here are a few notes for your calendar:

Next week, on Friday May 14th we will have our 8th grade sendoff. We will have a feast for all students that begins at 11:30, there will be toasts, laughter and great food. At 12:15 eighth grade parents are invited to a brief reception in the chapel to watch a slide show, enjoy some dessert and take a photo at the photo booth.

Griffin games is on May 19th at All Souls Church. We will dismiss at 11:00 Parents will drive students to All Souls for Lunch at 12:00 on the lawn and Griffin Games to follow – House shirts (or solid color of the student’s house) and PE bottoms and shoes uniform of the day (campus and Griffin Games)

· May 10 Chapel (formal uniform)

· May 12 Spirit Day and House Meetings

· May 13 Athanasius Feast

· May 13 Schola Cantorum All District Choir 6-7 pm at Midtown

· May 14 Dialectic Spirit Day (8th grade send-off) during lunch.

· May 17 Block Party at lunch (hotdogs and festivities)

· May 18 Chapel (formal uniform)

· May 18 Block Party at lunch (hotdogs and festivities)

· May 19 Griffin Games

· May 20 Spirit Day and House Meetings

· May 21 Graduation at Midtown 7-9 pm

· May 24 Chapel (formal uniform)

· May 26 Last day of school for Bach, Traditional Grammar, and Dialectic

NOTE OF NEED IF ANY PARENTS ARE INTERESTED: We’re looking to fill out next year’s slate of bus drivers!

The shuttle bus runs have been a pivotal part of this year’s growth. We have heard from numerous families that busing has been a game-changer for their families and made it possible for their families to stay at The Academy!

However, we need to expand our driver teams for next year. There are possible openings/needs at all three campuses. Some drivers only drive AM or PM, and others drive both. In general, we’re looking for folks who can commit to driving the bus 2+ days a week. Some of our buses require a CDL, and some do not. If you need a CDL, we are able to get it through a training partnership with Edmond Public Schools, and these [summer] training costs are entirely paid for by The Academy.

Are you interested in joining the busing team? Let me know! Happy to answer any questions you may have, including compensation, schedules, and all the rest! Contact – Stephen Taylor (staylor@theacademyok.org)

We are looking to hire for 2021-2022.

Do you know someone that would be a great fit at North Campus? Help us get a great start on next year by sharing our Employment Opportunities page. https://theacademyok.org/employment-opportunities/

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