From your Midtown Campus Principal, Rhonda Jones 


Parents, our first 3 days have provided opportunity to learn about Rhetoric life and afforded moments to dwell well together!  Since parents were not a part of our Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, you’ll find a charge I shared with students written below.  These words serve as a prayer I have offered for your students.  It’s a prayer I know teachers work toward daily as they guide students through rich curriculum and create strong learning communities in classes.   As we journey through this year together, know my desire is to see students grow in their discernment of truth, commitment to love, and contentment in who God made them to be!  Join me in prayer to this end.  Welcome to the start of what I hope is a wonderful year at the Rhetoric School!!  


Plato is noted as saying “strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school and the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and a fool”. As you embark upon this school year it is my prayer that your hearts will be inflamed with God’s truth, goodness, and beauty. That you will claim God’s truth even in the face of contrast with society’s version of this virtue. May deep call to deep at the roar of the waterfalls.  May breakers and waves wash over you as you are wooed and called by God’s love. For Plato also said, “love is the name for our pursuit of wholeness for our desire to be complete.” My prayer is that you will grow deeper in love with God as you cling to His truths and find completion in Him.


A Few Logistics 

  • Note About PM Carline – If you arrive at 3:20-3:30pm, be prepared to form 2 lines with ample room between both lines – staff will help direct you.  We will use this system, also described in the Back-To-School parent booklet, to keep traffic off Robinson Ave.  As traffic moves out, we’ll resume to one line.  Please remember to bring your car tags – they help staff recognize who you are much faster.  Thanks so much!
  • Uniforms – Many of you have communicated Lands End orders are late.  Thank you for sharing this information.  There is grace upon grace as students wait for uniform components.  I won’t follow up with your student or you to inquire when components come in.  I ask that you encourage your student to wear proper components once he/she has them. Thanks for your partnership with this situation.  Until then, be creative!  Gentlemen may wear a tie from Dad’s closet that is professional in style and includes Academy colors.  White polos or non-crested button up white shirts can be worn in place of the male/female crested white button up shirts.  
  • Night to Unite – Friday Sept. 10th – Mark your calendars! Our Culture and Events staff is planning an amazing evening for D&R students.  This year the event will be a NEW experience altogether.  I encourage Rhetoric students to attend!  More details to follow from our C&E team! 
  • Rhetoric School Electronic Forms – Thank you for your patience and input as you’ve experienced kinks in our electronic submission system.  To account for our larger census, we changed online formats/companies.  This was new for us as well.  We have learned pivotal lessons that will make our next go-around much smoother.  Again, thank you for bearing with us!  
  • Community Opportunity – The Performing Arts Academy at St. Luke’s United Methodist opened in August. Classes range from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Acting, and even a Shakespeare course all ranging in different levels, ages (7-18).   Shows for the year include Footloose, Elf The Musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Beauty and the Beast! Links below for further information. https://stlukesokc.org/arts/artseducation/ 
  • Arts Academy Promo Video:https://www.dropbox.com/s/fbrrtg9ggkc8sur/Poteet%20Fall%20Classes.mp4?dl=0

Upcoming Calendar Events

Mondays              Chapel, formal uniform

Tuesdays             Lyceum, we will often have a guest speaker and Spirit Days monthly

Thursdays           Off Campus Lunch Day; Teresa wears jeans & Academy Spirit tops all year!

Athletics              No athletic events will be depicted below.  Please refer to the BAND app or school website

August 20            First Spirit Day, no special lunch.  We will have coffee & breakfast treats instead

Sept 6                  NO SCHOOL; Labor Day

Sept 10                D&R Night to Unite, 4-8pm

Sept 13                Midtown Individual Picture Day, formal uniform

Sept 14                SPIRIT DAY & House Kickball Tournament begins!!!!!!

Sept 21                Kickball Tournament at lunch

Sept 28                Kickball Tournament at lunch