Notes from the North Campus (Grammar) – 8.20.21

From your North Grammar Principal, Lindsay Berryhill 

Greetings, new friends! I’m Lindsay Berryhill, your new North Campus Grammar Principal. After a busy summer of immersing myself in all things Academy, the time has finally come to meet the stars of this show- your precious children! Elliott, School Dog Extraordinaire, and I have been busy walking the halls and getting to know our young colleagues. It’s been such a pleasure to catch glimpses of our master teachers at work engaging learners in all things good, true, and beautiful. So many of you have reached out to ask how you can pray for me in this new role. I’m humbled and honored by your request. I’d love to ask you to pray that our Heavenly Father would give me His eyes to see the needs of this community and to serve it well. The desire of my heart is to reflect our father’s grace and love to our incredible teachers, staff, students, and families. It’s an absolute honor to walk alongside you through the valleys and mountains of life. 

North Campus Notes:

  • No formal days next week.
  • Our first chapel will be August 30th.
  • If you would like to use the Carpool Express lanes, you will need to sign up. Here is the link to do so: https://theacademyok.org/north-campus-carpool-express/
  • Please remember to label everything that comes to school. In the event you lose anything, the dialectic lost and found is in Prov Hall, in the bunker. Grammar lost and found is in the metal cabinet in the southeast corner of the gym.

North Campus Events:

Please check our most update to date calendar at https://theacademyok.org/event-calendar-widget/

  • Aug. 20th Fall Sports Team and Individual Team Pictures @Midtown.
  • Aug. 21st House Leader Lunch with Mr. Schulte. Lunch provided!
  • Aug. 23rd North House Fellowships 
  • Aug. 24th North House Fellowships
  • Aug. 26th VB @ Life
  • Aug. 27th Mustang XC Meet
  • Aug. 30th
  • North Chapel, Formal Uniform
  • Aug. 30th VB @ Destiny
  • Sept. 2nd VB @ Liberty, 4:30
  • Sept. 4th VB Tournament @Midtown
  • Sept. 6th Labor Day (No School)
  • Sept. 7th
  • North Chapel, Formal Uniform
  • DVB @ Casady, 4:15
  • Sept. 8th North Spirit Day/House Meetings
  • Sept. 9th VB @ Owasso Prep, 3:00-6:30pm
  • Sept. 10th Night to Unite, time TBD
  • Sept. 13th
  • North Chapel, Formal Uniform
  • North Athanasius Bake Sale in gym
  • Sept. 14th
  • North Athanasius Bake Sale in gym
  • DVB @ Terra Verde 5:00
  • Sept. 16th VB @ Life, 4:30
  • Sept. 17th
  • Augustine House Feast
  • North JCL in Gym
  • Sept. 18th
  • VB Tournament @ Destiny
  • CCS XC Meet
  • Sept. 20th
  • North Campus Individual Pictures
  • VB vs Owasso Prep @ Midtown, 4:30
  • Sept. 21st North Chapel/Formal Day & Individual Pictures
  • Sept. 23rd
  • North Spirit Day
  • North View Event
  • 3rd Trad A Monk Day
  • Sept. 24th
  • North Knitting Club, 3:30-4:45pm in Narthex
  • 3rd Trad Field Trip to Shawnee Monastery
  • Kindergarten Trad Field Trip to Science Museum
  • Sept. 27th
  • Testing Week begins
  • North Chapel/Formal Day
  • VB vs Destiny @Midtown, 4:30
  • Sept 28th VB vs Wright Christian @ Midtown, 4:00
  • Sept. 30th
  • VB vs OCA, @Midtown, 4:30
  • 3 Trad B and 3 Mozart Monk Day