Welcome back, friends.  We’re here.  We’ve already had opening ceremonies, groundbreakings, and our first carline mess. Next week—a ribbon-cutting ceremony at our south campus and our first board meeting.  Not to mention the cautious tensions of a continuing pandemic which we continue to monitor. 


Which leads me a reflection (for me) and what I hope to be a reminder for all: 


Love is the only thing for which this school exists—for everything is comprehended in love.  Everything is either for love or comprehended in love.  Conjugations, statistics, literature, the hard sciences, the mastery of 3 languages, syntax, disobedient children, 504’s, TBRI, travel, uniforms, your worst days and bad attitudes, COVID19, vaccination controversies, homework, feasts, matins, L&C—all of it exist because of love, is perfected in love, leads us to love, and exists as the lineaments of a Christ who is the beginning and ending of everything.  All of it is taken up in to the one undivided Trinity and fully comprehended for the good of your students and the glory of God.  There is nothing else going on in your classroom, sweet friends.  Nothing.  All is love.   


And good news for the school – knowledge is best communicated by love.  Blueprints approximate should-be-loved knowledge.  If we don’t love the subject, neither will they.  For again–knowledge is best communicated by love.  Keep your humor about you.  God laughs even at his enemies.  He certainly laughed when he created you.  Keep your humor as a part of love’s outworking.  Love your students.  Love the A students that do it all in silence.  Love the students who would live in detention if we offered it.  Love the judgmental, law-abiding Pharisees and the profane.  Peter was both (remember his convo with Paul).  Love form and content.  Some people love the process and disparage the content.  Some love the book and are horrible teachers.  Love both.  Strive toward both.  Say prayers with your babies.  It’s the loving exhale of all Christian discipleship.  You’re hosed without prayer.  Love love.  Love love’s ability to perpetuate more love.  Love the discipleship moments that take you away from content delivery.  Love the kid right when he disobeys.  Love the kid during discipleship.  Love the kid the moment his or her discipline is complete.   


For your patience as we wade in, we offer the same.  May God preserve us in peace— 


Again, welcome back.