The South Campus Serials – 08.27.21

From your South Campus Principal, Grant Bickell

One of my favorite questions to ask in an interview also happens to be the one that brings tears most often. Let me tell you why I love it. Our new families regularly enter through grades 1-12, but most often the front door of our school, any school, is the Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom. These families come to their interviews in varying levels of excitement and often with younger kids in tow. The student is whisked off to a classroom for their portion of the interview and then we sit down. The interview has begun.

There is some combination over the next hour of interviewing and being interviewed as you feel out our fit as a school for this family and this family for our school. Inevitably the time comes around when I ask my… the question. Some families laugh, some cry but they all have an opinion. So, what is it? Well friends here it is, my favorite question, and it goes like this:

Your child is about to embark on a brand-new journey. Everything will be new, and they will start off the year in a great way. As a school that has a plan for where we are going with our students and how we want to get there, we value beginning with the end in mind. So, on a warm sunny day in May ___ years from now, your child will walk across the stage at our Midtown campus having completed their time in our halls. *Long Pause* What do you want them to be like? What virtues do you want them to have and how do you pray God has worked in and through them?

The gut check becomes very real. The hopes and dreams of each family for their student(s) are brought to the forefront and the process is brought to a place of parents gushing over their child, speaking truths, aspirations, and realities all at the same time. It is my favorite question because of the parents’ answers. “We hope she…” “He loves this and…”

Maybe you are sitting there just having read this and your tears are turned on. I want to hear from you! I want to know why your child is at our school and what dreams you have for them. Why? To better our partnership together for our hopes and our dreams for your children are closely aligned.

Uniform: The Academy is aware that Land’s End is behind, and parents are not receiving orders. Please do not stress about the details of your child’s uniform as there is a pause on multiple key vendors. Land’s End is working to send out your orders as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and will work with you in this time.

Please check our most up to date calendar at https://theacademyok.org/event-calendar-widget/

  • August 31 – Chapel.  Formal Day.
  • September 1 – Bake Sale – Ambrose House.
  • September 1 – Spirit Day.  House Meetings. 
  • Students may wear house shirts or Academy shirts with normal uniform bottoms, PE bottoms, and sneakers.
  • September 1 – Fire Drill/Tornado Drill. 
  • Fire drill morning, tornado drill afternoon.
  • September 6 – LABOR DAY – NO SCHOOL.
  • September 10 – Night to Unite –
  • Dialectic and Rhetoric night off campus to build culture.
  • September 13 – Staff Meeting after school
  • September 14 – Chapel.  Formal Day.
  • September 15 – Bake Sale – Benedict House.
  • September 17 – Jerome House Feast.  Noon-1:00 in the Chapel. 
  • In addition to our all-school Christmas and Resurrection Feasts, each house has a feast throughout the year on a Friday during lunch (these Fridays are selected as the closest Friday to that Saint’s actual Feast Day).
  • September 17 – Dialectic Cross Country and Volleyball Spirit Day
  • September 20 – Chapel.  Formal Day.
  • September 20 – Sixth Grade Check-in. 
  • September 22 – View Event 9:00. 
  • View Events are the monthly tours we offer to anyone who is interested in learning more about the school.
  • September 27-30 – Testing Week            
  • September 28 – Chapel.  Formal Day.