Nite to Unite – 9.10.21

When my oldest son, who is now a senior, was in 6th grade, he attended the Night and Day Retreat (now known as Night to Unite). The group was so small that all the Dialectic and Rhetoric students met together for dinner and games at a church in midtown Oklahoma City. They ran around playing games in a field by the church. The total number was probably less than one of our house groups is now!

What an exciting time it is to be hosting 230 Dialectic and Rhetoric students for Night to Unite this year! All the principals and our Culture are Events team met together to plan this event and determine the goal of the night. We all agreed that our desire was to have a fun night that allowed all our North, South and Midtown students to get to know each other and build relationships. We know that the more we can build community between our campuses, the better they will feel when they all join at the Rhetoric level.

Finding a venue that wasn’t overwhelmed by our group size was a challenge.

We were so happy to have found UCO’s Outdoor Recreation area at Lake Arcadia. Not only did they have plenty of space but several fun options of activities. When we heard from their director about the team-building activities they planned to focus on being servant leaders and gracious team members, we knew it was a great fit.

We are so excited to be providing this fun activity for our students. We will be sharing lots of pictures soon!