Notes from the North Campus – 9.10.21

From your North Campus Principals, Lindsay Berryhill and Jake Schulte 

Why are you happy today?

My friend Jon, an immigration attorney, starts his daily team meetings with this question. He knows the value of attention to what is true, good, and beautiful in a world that makes it easy to forget. Today I posed this question to our staff at Prelude, our morning staff prayer meeting. Answers ranged from “the beautiful sunrise on my morning drive” to “Jesus is risen!”

Here’s what made me happy in the last week at North campus…

  • Giggles in pre-k as I read aloud There is a Bird on Your Head! by Mo Willems
  • Observing an interactive grammar game in Mrs. Spearman’s 3rd grade class
  • Kids inventing recess games in the sunshine outside my office window
  • The courtyard filled with prayer and song in the mornings
  • Wholehearted discussions with our amazing aides in this week’s TBRI training

So now I’m asking you. Why are you happy today?

Upcoming North Campus Events

  • Sept. 13th
    • North Chapel, Formal Uniform
    • North Athanasius Bake Sale
  • Sept. 14th
    • North Athanasius Bake Sale
  • Sept. 17th
    • Augustine House Feast
    • North JCL in Gym
  • Sept. 20th
    • North Campus Individual Pictures
  • Sept. 21st
    • North Chapel/Formal Day
    • Individual Pictures
  • Sept. 23rd
    • North Spirit Day
    • 3rd Trad A Monk Day
  • Sept. 24th
    • North View Event 
    • North Knitting Club, 3:30-4:45pm in Narthex
    • Kindergarten Trad Field Trip to Science Museum
    • 3rd Trad B Monk Day
  • Sept. 27th
    • Testing Week begins: Stay tuned for more info. coming soon!
    • North Chapel/Formal Day
  • Oct. 4th
    • North Chrysostum Bake Sale
  • Oct. 5th
    • North Chapel/Formal Day
    • North Chrysostum Bake Sale
  • Oct. 6th
    • Spirit Day!
  • Oct. 8th
    • North Gregory House Feast