The South Campus Serials – 9.10.21

From your South Campus Principal, Grant Bickell

What a blessing of a week this has been. So many things up in the air, so many balls to juggle and yet God is good. He has not changed once even in my struggle to get everything done. He is our bringer of rest. Our praise may only be lifted to one place and that is to the God who upholds us. Even when it feels overwhelming.

So often the Matins reading we do each morning provides a drink from the well of grace and sustenance that I did not even know I should have been looking for. This week our Psalm for Thursday was Psalm 13 which states,

But I have trusted in your steadfast love;

my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.

I will sing to the LORD,

because he has dealt bountifully with me.

Lord help us to trust in your steadfast love. Help us, help me, rejoice in your salvation. Bring us, through joy, to song for you have dealt bountifully with us.

What a great reminder. Another wonderful reminder is found in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Rest has almost seemed to be a dream, yet, I have found solace in the words of this verse and found Spurgeon’s exposition of them helpful.  

 We have a thousand times considered these words as an encouragement to the labouring and the laden; and we may, therefore, have failed to read them as a promise to ourselves. But, beloved friends, we have come to Jesus, and therefore He stands engaged to fulfill this priceless pledge to us. We may now enjoy the promise; for we have obeyed the precept. The faithful and true Witness, whose word is truth, promised us rest if we would come to Him; and, therefore, since we have come to Him, and are always coming to Him, we may boldly say, “O Thou, who art our Peace, make good Thy word to us wherein Thou hast said, ‘I will give you rest.’”

By faith, I see our Lord standing in our midst, and I hear Him say, with voice of sweetest music, first to all of us together, and then to each one individually, “I will give you rest.” May the Holy Spirit bring to each of us the fulness of the rest and peace of God

Spurgeon, Charles. “I Will Give You Rest.” Christian Classics Ethereal Library, https://ccel.org/ccel/spurgeon/till_he_come/till_he_come.xv.html

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September 10 – Night to Unite – Dialectic and Rhetoric night off campus to build culture.

September 13 – Staff Meeting after school

September 14 – Chapel.  Formal Day.

September 15 – Bake Sale – Benedict House.

September 17 – Jerome House Feast.  11:15-12:15 under the Portico.  In addition to our all-school Christmas and Resurrection Feasts, each house has a feast throughout the year on a Friday during lunch.