Tomorrow marks the official start to Enrollment Season! Re-enrollment for current Academy families and applications for new siblings will be open from January 15th – January 31st. Enrollment opens to new families on February 1st. With the huge growth of The Academy in the past few years, it is no surprise that we already have new families lined up to submit their applications for the next school year.

I have to admit, as an Academy mom, re-enrollment used to be a stressful time for my husband, and I each year.  We worried about the usual money-related concerns: tuition, the increased financial commitment when the time came to add our daughter to the school, buying uniform components, and purchasing blended curriculum textbooks.  Until one year when a fellow Academy mom mentioned that she and her husband used to feel the same way. However, they realized The Academy was the place their children needed to be, and once they committed to that, everything else fell into place. When I mentioned this to my husband, we realized this was the school the whole Beswick family needed.

The Academy is the school community we want our children to be a part of.  From the amazing teachers guiding their hearts as well as their minds, the challenging, thought-provoking curriculum, the denominationally diverse Christian community, the house system that builds leaders through servantship, the deep friendships across all grade levels, to the teachers and fellow parents preserving the sanctity of age-appropriateness for our children across all areas of life. This is where we want our children learning, playing, growing, and serving.

But, as we talked, we also realized this is the school and community Donovan and I need. It’s the community of parents, teachers, and staff who stand in the gap for one another during the hard times. Not just with a route ‘I’m praying for you,’ but with actual helping hands, serving feet, and deeply heartfelt continual prayers for our children and families.  It is the community that not only celebrates the big milestones and accomplishments with us, but also the small everyday celebrations with notes of encouragement and congratulations, texts asking for pictures of the newest furry family member, the thinking-about-you Sonic drinks, and sharing of sweet stories about encounters with your kids. It’s the community that not only stands in the gap for one another but stands shoulder to shoulder as we all shape the minds and affections of the children and teach them to think, learn, live, and love well.

My hope for you friends is that this enrollment season does not bring you stress, but instead you are able to trust the Lord with your worries and are able to easily meet re-enrollment with the joy of committing your family to the next school year with a school and community that not only serves your children in education but loves and supports your family as a whole.

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