Monday Memo – 10.31.2022


Date:               Friday, November 4, 2022

Location:        Farmer’s Public Market – 311 Klein Avenue, Oklahoma City

Time:              Doors open at 6:45pm

Dress:              Dust off your boots and get your pearl snaps out for a night of fun (or feel free to just come as you are)!


Monday Auction Highlight

We are excited to share a way that EACH of you can help us this year at the auction, even if you are unable to attend!  We are trying something brand new.  You might remember “No Uniform Day” from previous auctions.  This year, we are introducing “No Uniform WEEK!”  Here’s how it works:

  1. There will be an award for an ENTIRE grade in Grammar (at North and South).  There will be an award for an ENTIRE grade in Dialectic (at North and South).  And there will be an award for an ENTIRE grade at Rhetoric.  Each of these winning grades will receive a FULL WEEK of no uniforms!
  2. Every parent can participate.  Place your bid (as many as you want, and in the amount of your choice) to your child’s grade.  If you have multiple children in multiple grades, pick your favorite child.  (Kidding)!  Feel free to make donations to multiple children in multiple grades!  The ultimate goal:  The class with the HIGHEST collective amount will win!
  3. Please note:  Every donation you make is collected.  Even if your child’s grade does not win, the donation you make is counted as a donation to our 2022 auction!
  4. Work together as a team of parents to win this for your student!  Here is the link to begin your bidding!