The Board of Governors

Meet The Academy's Board

The Academy’s Board of Governors is comprised of up to 10 parents and friends of The Academy, representing a mix of The Academy’s campuses (Midtown/North/South), schools (Grammar/Dialectic/Rhetoric), and educational models (Blended/Traditional).

Purpose: Following a strategic governance model, The Academy Board’s role  is to safeguard the vision and mission of the school. It does so in several ways, but the primary means is in hiring, overseeing, and advising the Headmaster. The Board keeps the Headmaster accountable for the goals set for the school, which are set jointly by the Board and Headmaster. The Headmaster is then responsible to hold faculty, staff, parents, and students accountable in their educational roles and commitments.

Term: Members of the Board of Governors serve three-year or six-year terms, with 11 regularly scheduled meetings annually.

Joining the Board: Each year a new Class of members join the board. New members are typically drawn from individuals who have served on one of the school’s committees. See below for more information about volunteering to serve, or for nominating another for Board or Committee service.

Communication: Have a question for the Board of Governors?  Send your questions here. The Board desires to be accessible and known. Members of The Academy community are welcome to approach board members with questions and topics of interest.

Permanent Directors

Tony Capucille

  • Tony Capucille is a founding board member. As a native Oklahoman, he was educated at Oklahoma Baptist University graduating with a degree in Biblical Languages and Finance. He recently decided to leave the financial technology industry and explore other interests predicated on sustainability and building cultures that promote human flourishing. Tony and his wife Christy have 3 daughters and a son at the Academy. He enjoys reading, gardening, basketball, travel, and time outdoors. In addition to serving as the Chairman of the Board and as part of the fundraising committee, Tony provides the perspective of all three grade levels, grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric, Tony also represents our North and Midtown campuses.

Curt Stafford

  • Curt graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a BA in Political Science in 1985. He returned to Norman in 1986 with his wife, Karla, to raise their three children, Carolyn, Stephanie, and J. C. (one of our first graduates). Curt is a CPA and is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Energetic Systems, Inc., a manufacturing company located in Norman. In addition to being one of our founding board members, Curt brings his financial expertise to our finance committee and is a grandparent to students in our blended and traditional models at the South campus.

Class of 2022

Jennifer Jackson

  • Jennifer is originally from Texas and has a business degree from Baylor University. She moved to Norman for law school and earned a law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 2005. She then spent several years practicing law at an Oklahoma City law firm. She and her husband, Pete, live in Norman and have two children, Brett and Caroline, who attend The Academy. They are members of Trinity Baptist in Norman. Jennifer brings her valuable law experience to the board, serves on the athletic committee, and, as a south campus grammar parent, represents the interests of both the south campus and the blended grammar model.

Kristin Green

  • Kristin Green, a native of Indiana, graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a BS in nursing. She currently stays at home with her four children full time. Kristin and her husband, Tyler, live in Oklahoma City where they love to bike, walk, and live to see a city where all can flourish.

Class of 2023

Adam Oxsen

  • Adam Oxsen and his wife co-founded Tavola Pizzeria, a fine-fast-casual restaurant focused on “building relationships around the flavors of the Italian table.” Adam currently serves as worship pastor at Mission Community Church. He studied art and filmmaking at the University of Oklahoma. Adam is passionate about the gospel and the church, for living a life fully-integrated with biblical faith, and in building up the next generation of leaders for Christ. He and his wife, Sherise, have three children, Elijah, Amelie, and Liam, who attend The Academy.

Matthew Arbo

  • Matthew is the Associate Professor of Theological Studies and Director of the Center for Faith and Public Life at Oklahoma Baptist University. Arbo is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh (Christian Ethics). He and his wife, Ashli, are members at Frontline Church, where Matthew also serves as an elder. They have three boys, two of whom are students at the Academy.

Jonathan Dodson

  • Jonathan Dodson is a husband and father to four children at the Academy. He is a former banker turned Oklahoma City developer with a focus toward urban infill development and adaptive re-use. Dodson moved to Oklahoma City upon graduating from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and was one of the initial members of the Urban Land Institute of Oklahoma in 2007. In fall of 2014, Dodson co-founded Pivot Project in partnership with developers Ben Sellers and David Wanzer. Jonathan is now the Managing Partner at Pivot Project and spends his time establishing financing for the team, raising equity, consulting for other incremental developers, and hanging out at coffee shops.

Clay Collum

  • Clay is a partner with Robison Gary Johnson & Associates PLLC, an Oklahoma City CPA firm. Clay is married to Katie (Wagner) Collum who taught 5th grade traditional at The Academy north campus until having their children, William, Kate & Lillian. Clay and his family attend King’s Cross Church and enjoy living on Carey Place in the Gatewood neighborhood.

Class of 2024

Cassie Jackson

  • Cassie has a mechanical engineering degree from Oklahoma State University and started her career at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX before leaving the workforce to raise children. She homeschooled her children full time, using the classical model of education, for several years before coming to The Academy, where her children have participated in both blended and traditional models. She and her husband Garrett have 3 children: Lily, a sixth grader at South campus, Quinn, a 10th grader at Midtown Campus, and A.J. a recent Academy graduate who is attending Gonzaga University. Cassie has recently rejoined the workforce as an Electronics Engineer in the 76th Software Engineering Group at Tinker Air Force Base. She and her family live in Choctaw, OK and attend Eastpoint Church.

Board Committees

The vision of the Academy’s Board of Governors is executed through the work of several board commissioned committees. The committees include parents, staff, board members, and other friends of The Academy and are representative of the full Academy community. 

We are always looking for candidates who are willing to join one of our committees!  If you are interested in being considered to serve on a committee in the future, please review the committee descriptions below and submit an application.

Education Committee
The Education Committee provides stewardship and oversight of the academic programs and policies of The Academy and serves as a sounding board for evaluating new educational opportunities  This committee is supported in its work by the curriculum subcommittee, scholars and experts in their respective disciplines.

Fine Arts Committee
The Fine Arts Committee supports the Fine Arts Chair in overseeing the Performing and Fine Arts of The Academy, including choir, music, painting, drama, debate/forensics, and more. Members of the Fine Arts committee are masters of at least one of The Academy’s areas of emphasis.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee reviews monthly financial reports, sets strategic financial priorities, and proposes The Academy’s annual budget.

Building & Land Committee
The Building & Land Committee makes recommendations for capital improvements, property acquisition, and provides oversight of construction projects.

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee assists The Academy in recruiting participants in The Academy’s Giving Society and providers oversight of fundraising campaigns and initiatives.

Branding & Communications
The BrandComm Committee advances The Academy’s brand across the district. This includes oversight of digital and print materials, student uniforms, social media, and other communication platforms of The Academy.

Athletics Committee
The Athletics Committee supports the Athletic Director in determining the strategic priorities and initiatives of Academy Athletics, including oversight of The Academy’s Community Sports.