Matching capital needs with growth

Build The Future Campaign

Complete our Midtown Campus renovation debt free

In 2020, Midtown Campus underwent a $3 million remodel to better serve up to 200 students in the 100+ years old historic First Baptist Church building. Our rapid enrollment growth has doubled our high school population twice, and we expect it to double one more time over the next several years. 

Today, we are preparing to renovate an additional 8,500 SF of classrooms and offices, enabling Midtown Campus to serve up to 300 students. We aim for this ~$2MM renovation to be completely debt free.

Break Ground on North Campus Expansion

North Campus was first expanded in 2016 with the construction of Veritas Hall and further expanded in 2022 with additional Dialectic classrooms and athletic facilities.

We anticipate one more major building expansion in the coming years to build out a final block of classrooms and provide the facilities that support the programmatic excellence we aspire to.


Address additional needs at South Campus for a growing population

The South Campus is the heart of The Academy. We exist today as a school because of the dedication and loyal families that attend our South Campus.

Over the past three years, we have renovated classrooms, resurfaced the gym floor, and added outdoor play facilities. Additional plans are underway for campus beautification and facility improvement!

Help Build The Future For Our Children

Support Your Campus

We appreciate donations of any amount from our families and supporters. If you are willing and able, please consider donating to your family’s campus today. Together, we can help build the future for generations of leaders to come. 


Help Build The Future at our North Campus



Help Build The Future at our Midtown Campus



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