Matching capital needs with growth

Build The Future Campaign

No one could have predicted the year 2020. As our state, families, and children experienced unprecedented trials and uncertain environments, The Academy became a refuge and a safe place for Christ-centered, rigorous learning  for our loyal families and for many new ones.  

By the grace of God, our financial stability is stronger than ever and our classrooms are bursting at the seams with families ready to commit to our values and vision for classical Christian education. This has created much more urgency in our strategic priority to build for the future, because the future is here! 

Last year, The Academy launched our long-term Master District Plan to support our three strategically located campuses. Starting with our Midtown Renovation (Phase 1), we are preparing for current and future growth and turning our attention to Phase 2-3 , as we are growing even faster than projected! 

As a result, we need to raise $4.5 million in gifts and pledges by June 1 in order to meet enrollment demands and maximize our full growth potential. 

Phase 2 Capital Campaign Goal

With $4.5 million pledged by June 1, 2021, we will be able to:

Break Ground on North Campus Expansion

North Campus was first expanded in 2016 with the construction of Veritas Hall. Today North Campus is home to 460 students, and we need more space!

This has put the Academy in a position where in just 18 months we will need additional classroom space to accommodate the many families who are already committed to our culture and values, and also have the ability to welcome new families!  

We have $2 million pledged and are in need of $4 million more to get dirt moving as soon as possible. If this pledge is fulfilled by May, we can expand in time for the 2022-2023 school year with four more classrooms and a state-of-the-art gymnasium, while increasing our dialectic student capacity by 50% with a campus enrollment of up to 652 students! This gymnasium will also serve our community by providing an additional space on campus for The Academy’s events. 

Complete our Midtown Campus renovation debt free

Beginning in 2020, our Midtown Campus underwent a $3 million remodel to better serve up to 200 students who are attending class in the 109-year-old historic First Baptist Church building. Our rapid enrollment growth has doubled our high school student population over the past two years, and we anticipate it will triple in population in the next 2-4 years.

This creates urgency to retire the $400,000 remaining need on the Midtown renovation campaign. Your gift to do so will also allow us to envision and plan for our future with 400 students in the high school.

Address additional needs at South Campus for a growing population

The South Campus is the heart of The Academy. We exist today as a school because of the dedication and loyal families that attend our South Campus.

The COVID pandemic has expedited a need for an outdoor play area for these children. We have a long-term vision for further expansion and modification to this facility, but our primary focus for this special campaign is to give our young ones a place to play, exert their energy and enjoy fresh air, along with a complete renovation of two new classrooms to accommodate the growth in enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year.

Help Build The Future For Our Children

Support Your Campus

We appreciate donations of any amount from our families and supporters. If you are willing and able, please consider donating to your family’s campus today. Together, we can help build the future for generations of leaders to come. 


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