Welcome back to school, friends—to a menagerie of masked superheroes whose victory over a spelling list is as convincing as a Michael Keaton Batman dangling Jack Nicholson over a giant vat of green…well...toxic waste? What is that stuff, anyway? Let’s make our provisional masking as cool as a 1980’s Tim Burton film.
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At its root, all of our planning comes from two foundational principals: A bedrock commitment to our mission (assisting parents in shaping students’ affections for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, for the benefit of man and the glory of Jesus Christ), and love of neighbor (including students, teachers, parents, and other members of the community).
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You go with our blessing into these summer months.  I can say with pride and with confidence—our teachers, by the grace of God, have done well by us.  They have kept us on a trajectory of loving attention to children in a time of anxiety and fear.  I cannot thank them enough. 
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